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After Trevor revealed to Jessica that Mike wasn’t the person he claimed to be, Jessica put Mike in the hot seat and invited him to dinner. Unfortunately for Mike, the evening left Jessica unimpressed and Harvey in the position to have to fire him.

The death of Alicia Hardman threatens the return of the firm’s second named partner, Daniel Hardman, accused of siphoning money from the company. Jessica and Harvey are desperate to keep him from coming back, so Harvey strikes a deal with Jessica to prevent that from happening in exchange for keeping Mike at the firm.

Mike attempts to mediate both his personal and professional life.  Mike believes he got away with fooling Jessica, only to find out from an angry Jenny that Trevor had ratted him out. The realization interferes with his ability to close a lawsuit that is obstructing a merger between two publishing companies. Rachel struggled with Mike’s lack of response to the voicemail he never got, Mike unable to understand her behavior towards him.

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Suits Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

That's how you did it? You beat him?


Well I'm not Harvey. I don't need a computer.