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Rachel has dinner with her father, and he proposes she and Mike sign a prenup to protect his money. She refuses but agrees to take a look at it.

Harvey starts interview replacements for his secretary, which puts Donna on edge.

Jack Soloff tells Louis he wants to alter the firm's compensation policy, which would cut Harvey's salary down. Louis agrees to let him bring it up so that he can publicly back Harvey, but Donna warns him it's not a good idea.

Harvey's secretary applicants are all pretty young women, but he chooses to hire an older lady instead.

One of Harvey's clients intends to sell his company, but Harvey demands 48 hours to get him a better offer.

Jimmy gives Mike a pro-bono case as an engagement gift, but he's not sure Jessica will sign off.

When Soloff goes after Harvey's billables, Louis tries to step in, but Harvey doesn't care. He tells Louis that he's still paying Donna's extra salary that he's been supplementing since the day he joined the firm.

Mike finds the prenup and agrees to sign it, but Rachel tells him her father doesn't feel like he knows him. He brings his new pro-bono case to Robert to prove that he's not in it for the money. 

Louis proposes the same compensation policy that Soloff did in order to pay Donna's extra salary. When Jessica shuts him down, Louis teams up with Soloff to push it through. 

When Jessica finds out about Mike's case, she orders him to dump it because it won't make any money.

Thanks to Gretchen's snooping, Harvey buys his client more money for his company. 

Donna finds out that Louis intends to out Harvey's salary, and she begs him to stop. He refuses and forces her to take a side. Afterwards, Harvey apologizes to Louis, who rushes to stop his salary leak, but he's too late.

Rachel asks Jessica for advice about the prenup, and she tells her not to sign it.

Harvey finds out that his salary has been outed, giving Soloff all the ammunition he needs to get his new compensation policy passed.

Mike takes his case to Robert, who agrees to take it on if Mike does it with him.

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