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Louis poses as Harvey and goes on an interview with the prospective client. 

He gets the "best lunch ever" and asks for everything. 

He tries to make everyone laugh, and they do, because he's supposed to be Harvey Specter. 

Harvey realizes what's going on and sets out to get some revenge, so he gets Samantha to pose as a secretary and he gets a fright. 

Harvey ultimately says that it's fine, and he'll forgive him. 

Harvey and Samantha subsequently go on a road trip to try to find out more information about her father. 

Once there, Samantha learns that her father did not know she existed. He says that her mother was a firecracker, quite like her. 

On top of that, her mother died when she was two-years-old, leading her to believe that she was not in the system from birth. 

Instead, she entered the system after her mother's death. 

Donna asked Alex to break the law to get a painting for Harvey. He did so, and Harvey was happy that she did. 

Everything made Harvey contact his mother, and they had a nice chat about how they were getting on. 

Harvey's mother then asked her son to stay on the phone with her. 

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Suits Season 9 Episode 7 Quotes

Ted: Hello, is this Harvey Specter?
Louis: Maybe. That depends. Who's calling? Have you heard my voice before, met me in any way, shape or form?
Ted: No, but I was hoping to soon. This is Ted Tucker.
Louis: The Ted Tucker?
Ted: That's right, and unless I'm mistaken, you're the Harvey Specter.
Louis: You bet your ass I am. What can I do for ya, chief dog? As long as it's on the phone, I'm good to go.
Ted: I was hoping that we could meet about a very important matter.
Louis: Yeah, let's set it up. Any time after Friday. I have a cold right now, so my voice will be different then, but.
Ted: Next week is not going to work for me, Harvey. I need to meet with you, and I need to meet with you today.
Louis: Today, in person? Uh, no, Ted, at the moment...
Ted: No at the moment. I want to take you to lunch, and I promise you it'll be the best lunch you've ever had.
Louis: Okay, Ted, can you just hold on one second, please? You know what, T-Dog, I can't make that happen, but what I can do is I can send my partner, Louis Litt who happens to be an excellent attorney in his own right. In fact, when you meet him, he'll sit down just like me.
Ted: Harvey, I don't want to meet with some schlub I've never heard of. Now, do you want to have the best lunch you've ever had or not?
Louis: Just tell me when and where, and I'll be there.

Donna: I packed you some breakfast for the road.
Harvey: Thanks. Listen, are you sure you're good with me going on this trip? Not a lot of women would want their men doing this.
Donna: Harvey, I'm not a lot of women.
Harvey: No, you're not.
Donna: And the truth is, any one of us would be there, but you're the one who knows what she's going through the most.
Harvey: She was abandoned by her parents, I wasn't.
Donna: No, but when it came to your mother, you felt like you were, and you were estranged from her for a long time. None of us knows what that feels like.
Harvey: Maybe I am the best man for the job.
Donna: As far as I'm concerned you're the best man for any job, and I love you.
Harvey: [coughs] Thanks, and I ... love ... you too.
Donna: You're an idiot.