Louis continues to make a bigger mess of his new position and his relationship with his co-workers. Meanwhile, Harvey is being challenged to bury the hatchet so the firm can move on. You can see the result when you watch Suits Season 4 Episode 12 Online.

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Louis may not be on offense, but it's clear the chip on his shoulder is only growing bigger. He so hungry for respect that he tries to take it in the form of clients and by continuing to alienate the people around him.

Meanwhile, Harvey is struggling to take on the case of the man he himself admires, who might be more human than Harvey gave him credit for, much to his disappointment.
You can re-live it all when you watch Suits Season 4 Episode 12 Online.

Episode Details

On Suits Season 4 Episode 12, a Harvard ethics professor looks to Harvey to help win a case that requires a lack of ethics and Mike tries not to be spotted.

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0 (38 Votes)
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Suits Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

I tried to tell you but you couldn’t hear me through all of your rage.


I’m going to help you, not because you deserve it, but because I am an associate and a professional.