Everyone is looking for things to get back to normal at the firm, but it all depends on Louis' willingness and ability to forgive Mike. Did Louis dig deep to find it? Watch Suits Season 4 Episode 13 online to find out!

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When you watch Suits Season 4 Episode 13 online, you'll find loyalty, trust and truth at the crux of the installment.
From Mike meeting Claire and spinning a web of lies not unlike those he told to make associate at Pearson Specter to the origins of Harvey and Louis' epic frenemy rivalry, both incorporated these three traits. Illuminated through flashbacks that saw the return of Hardman, Trevor and Grammy, they shed a light on the drama and tension gripping the firm in the present day.
As Donna, Rachel and Jessica agree, it's time for Mike and Louis to bury the hatchet, and Jessica tasks Harvey with seeing that task to its completion.
Did Harvey's roadtrip have what it took to bring the feud to an end? Find out when you watch Suits Season 4 Episode 13 online.

Episode Details

On Suits Season 4 Episode 13, Harvey uses a trip to force Mike and Louis to confront their trust issues and the origin of Harvey and Louis's competitive relationship is revealed.

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 (32 Votes)
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