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Sam tells her daughter that she had an adrenaline rush when she saved her at the waterfront. 

Lena arrives at CatCo and tells James she'll be there every day. He seems surprised she wants to be that involved. 

Alex and Maggie argue over a band or DJ at their wedding. Even J'onn gets involved. 

Maggie brings the DEO a case of a woman who is robbing banks. Kara goes after her but she does something to her and the rest of the bank employees that incapacitates them. Maggie comes in and finds Kara very scared. 

J'onn scans Kara's mind and determines she's a psychic meta-human. 

Sam gets called into Ruby's school because Ruby punched another girl. 

Kara goes after Psi again. J'onn tries to create a psychic shield to protect Kara, but it doesn't work. She makes Kara relive her mom putting her in the pod for Earth. Kara is clearly terrified. 

Kara tells WInn that Psi preys on fears, but she doesn't want J'onn and Alex to know. 

Ruby tells Sam she thinks she has super powers. Sam tells her she doesn't. She wants Ruby to let it go. 

Lena can tell something is going on with Kara, but Kara doesn't want to talk about it. Lena expects Kara to do her job. 

Kara suffers a panic attack and goes to Winn. Alex stares down Winn until he tells her everything. 

Winn creates a device to protect Kara from Psi. 

Ruby ventures into the destruction hoping her mom will save her, but Kara saves them both. 

Psi hits Kara again and she tells Alex that Mon-El is dead. Alex tells her she saved him. 

Kara goes after Psi again and stands up to her. She's able to bring her down. 

Alex and Maggie disagree on wanting kids. 

Lena introduces Kara to Sam, who is taking over for her at L-Corp. 

M'gann tells J'onn he must come to Mars. 


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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Winn: I thought you couldn't read Kryptonian minds.
J'onn: I can't, but I can scan her mind for residual psychic activity.
Winn: Remind me to get you a "world's best boss" mug.

Winn: I don't think I should get involved.
Maggie: Because you're on my side, aren't you?
Alex: Oh yeah, right.
Winn: Well...
Alex: What? Wait, I saved your life!
Winn: Yeah, but like so has everybody else here.