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Nia and Kara hit the road for Harvest Fest, an annual celebration in Nia's hometown of Parthas where aliens and humans co-exist peacefully. 

During their car ride, Nia confesses that Parthas played a huge role in her transition and praises her parents for being so accepting of her true self. 

She also asks Kara not to mention her dreaming abilities to her family as she's not ready to tell them just yet.

Before they arrive at the house, Nia falls into a slumber. In her dream she sees her mother combining her hair in the field. As she drinks from a chalice filled with dark ink, she turns into stone and crumbles. 

The family is thrilled to see Nia, but they rave about Maeve, Nia's sister, being her mother, Isabel's, protege. 

Maeve can't wait for her dreaming ability to kick in, and Kara learns that the gift is passed down from generation to generation to only one woman in the family. 

Kara informs Nia that she has to come clean to her family, but Nia hopes to transfer the powers. 

Kara 'interviews' Maeve for her piece on the accepting town while Nia has a chat with Isabel. During their chat, Isabel is bitten by a spider and they both fall asleep. 

In the dream, Isabel is shocked to see her daughter, the one destined to inherit the gift is actually Nia, not Maeve. 

She tells her daughter that it's her time, and Nia has to take over. 

When Nia wakes up, her mother is dead. 

The Harvest Fest quickly turns into a funeral for Isabel, but her speech is interrupted by Children of Liberty with superpowers from a drug that turns them violent. 

Nia is able to see the threat before it happens and warns Maeve who realizes that her transgender sister inherited the gift. 

She's so upset, she storms off. 

Meanwhile, Supergirl and the DEO stay behind to fight. 

Since Alex's memories were erased, she no longer has a soft spot for Supergirl. Much like Supergirl's relationship with Hailey, she and Alex butt heads at every moment. 

When Supergirl shoots a weapon out of Alex's hand to stop her from hurting an innocent person, Alex makes it very clear that in her book, Supergirl is part of the "others" and not a human. 

During the episode, Alex also turns to J'onn so that he'll scan her mind. 

She's off her game and believes something happened to her when she was being interrogated by the truth seeker. 

J'onn lies to her and tells her everything is just fine hoping that the "placebo" will have a positive effect. 

After the fighting subsides, Nia tries to talk to her sister, but Maeve is upset that someone who isn't even a woman took her gift. 

Nia is hurt and tells Kara that she could never understand what it feels like to be an alien. Kara decides to come clean to Nia by taking off her glasses and flying up, up and away. 

Nia is shocked but impressed. 

At home, she opens a box that her mother left for her. Inside is Dreamer's costume. 

Meanwhile, one of James' reporters pitches him a story about Luthor Corp's mismatched books. 

The source believes Lena specifically keeping the genetic experiments, which are legal, off the books because there is something more to the story.

James initially authorizes the investigation, but his love for Lena overpowers and he kills the story. 

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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Brainy: I have discovered the species we apprehended last night.
Alex: They're human?
Brainy: Oh, no. Not just human. Frat boys.

Alex: Scan me. My mind.
J'onn: Why?
Alex: Something is wrong with me, J'onn. I don't know how to describe it, I just feel disconnected. I feel vulnerable. What if something went wrong when I underwent the truth seeker? Look, I know there's not supposed to be side-effects or anything, but that's when this began. I just need to know that I'm okay. And if I'm not okay, I just need to know that I'm not crazy. Please, J'onn.