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Supergirl continues merging the superhero world with current events of the real world. 
After being outed as an alien, President Marsdin decides to resign to prevent planet Earth from going into complete and utter chaos.
However, it's too late because human and anti-relations have become increasingly strained.
Alex’s first goal as DEO Director is to find Mercy Graves, and though Otis Graves isn't forthcoming, he does slip up about his sister working with a collaborator. 
Kara’s goal as an unbiased reported at CatCo is to figure out the story. In this case, she's writing about the Graves siblings so she decides to bribe Lena with delicious burgers in exchange for full files on the brother and sister duo. 
During the lunch, Lena reveals that Mercy used to be one of her closest friends and someone she looked up like a sister. 
Meanwhile, Mercy hacks the L-Corp network and tries to enact the second phase of her plan: to declare war on all aliens beings by shutting down the Image Inducer to permanently reveal they're true identities.
Lena immediately stops the program from being infiltrated, however, there is one casualty -- Brainy.
Brainy was at the local pizza shop picking up a hefty order including his personal favorite, apples and olives, whent he Image Inducer glitched. 
The pizza owner, a man he thought to be his friend, immediately turned against him and called in his co-workers to come “take care” of the alien traitor. 
Nia, the new cub reporter at CatCo is in line as well and intervened to defend Brainy. 
Shortly after, Brainy asked her why she looked so familiar since he probably recognized her from the future.
After witnessing such hate against the aliens, Nia approached James Olsen to convince him to write an editiroial piece about CatCo's take on the unrest. 
James appreciates her honesty about being a transgender woman who has dealt with her fair share of bullying, however, he knows that the best thing for the publication is to remain unbiased. 
He also knows that most of the readers already know where their alliance lie.
All of that changes when he notices one of his employees berating another employee in the office because he's an alien. 
James calls an impromptu meeting warning all employees that there is a zero-tolerance policy for cruelty. 
Then, he sits down to write the editorial piece on justice and equality.
Meanwhile, Mercy Graves is not pleased with Lena from thwarting her attempt so she pays L-Corp a little "friendly" visit.
When the building goes on lockdown, Kara does her best to get away from the group to turn into Supergirl, but Lena, being the good friend that she isn't, won't let her out of her sight.
She tells Kara she's safest with her because there's strength in numbers.
As they try to outrun Mercy, Kara dodges bullets and props open metal doors with her foot when no one is looking.
Finally, Mercy corners Lena and Kara in the basement where Lena keeps all of her prototypes ... off the record.
She attempts to persuade Lena to join her fight and help empower humans to be just as strong, if not stronger, as aliens.
Lena isn't swayed by Mercy's manipulation because she knows exactly what she stands for which doesn't sit well with Mercy.
When bullets begin flying, Lena tells Kara to leave the room allowing her to change into Supergirl.
Supergirl comes just in time to save Lena and help take down Mercy. 
Back at the DEO, Mercy and Otis are locked up together and left under the watchful eye of Jensen. 
Mercy realizes Jensen isn't 100% sold on the idea of protecting aliens, so she manipulates him into setting them free and joining their fight. 
By the time Alex and Brainy, why was off his game from his earlier confrontation, realize that the surveillance video is looped with holograms, it's too late. 
Mercy and Otis expose their kryptonite into the atmosphere which weakens Supergirl. 
J'onn investigates the disappearance of Fiona. He breaks into her apartment to find that she was investigating these hate crimes and specifically, a beat cop whom J'onn follows to a secret meeting organized by the Agent of Liberty. 
As the masked vigilante speaks to the masses, he induces fear of the aliens by making them believe they are not only a threat to society but also to the job market. 
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Supergirl Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

But I don't disagree with her main point. Why can't humans be as powerful as aliens?


Fear can create monsters where none existed before.

President Marsdin