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This episode of Supernatural is titled "The End."

During the hour, Dean won't assist Sam's efforts to battle the Devil. He then wakes up... and finds himself five years in the future, in a wasteland where Lucifer has started his endgame by unleashing a virus that transforms people into zombies. 

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Supernatural Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Future Dean: Okay. If you're me... then tell me something only I would know.
Dean: Rhonda Hurley. We were, uh... 19. She made us try on her panties. They were pink. And satiny. And you know what? We kind of liked it.
Future Dean: Touché.

Dean: You know, it's kind of funny, talking to a messenger of God on a cell phone. It's, you know, like watching a Hell's Angel ride a moped.
Castiel: This isn't funny. Dean. The voice says I'm almost out of minutes.