Michael: Tell me. Why do you love this world enough you're willing to risk your life?
Castiel: Tell me. Why do you hate this world enough you're willing to burn it to the ground?

Jack: Dean? He's strong.
Michael: He's a gnat. I'm a god.

And Sam? The last thing you'll see is this pretty smile as I rip you apart.


Dean's not home right now. Please leave a message.


Impossible odds. Feels like home.


Michael's monsters are all over this city. If he feared us in the least he would have sent someone our way.


Sam, Dean, and Castiel will come for me.


Haven't you learned yet? In this reality monsters, humans, even angels they are insects -- atoms compared to us.


Castiel: Jack, if you can't sleep, it's understandable given recent events.
Jack: You mean dying and coming back to life.
Castiel: Yeah, we've all been through it. It's something of a right of passage around here.

The Shadow: I meant what I said. I want you to suffer. I want you to go back to your normal life, to forget about this, to forget about me until you give yourself permission to be happy and when you let the sun shine on your face, that's when I'll come. That's when I'll come to drag you to nothing.
Castiel: I accept.

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Castiel: This doesn't feel right. It's not how I thought Jack's story would end.
Sam: None of us did.

Don't be sad. Maybe this is how things are meant to be.


Supernatural Quotes

You betrayed me? No one in the history of torture's been tortured with torture like the torture you'll be tortured with.


Dean: Where am I going?
Sam: Dean, it's Valentine Day. Your favorite holiday, remember? I mean, what do you always call it - uh, Unattached Drifter Christmas?