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On this episode of Supernatural...

- Castiel tells the brothers that Sam has no soul.

- The boys confront Samuel Campbell for clues and Castiel checks to see if he has a soul.

- Sam and Dean agree to go on a hunt for the Alpha Vampire. Dean says that he will trust Samuel but he really doesn’t. He believes that Samuel knows something about Sam.

- Dean connects pieces of his vampire vision to the location of the Alpha Vampire.

- Dean watches the Alpha Vampire captured and taken away. He asks Samuel about it and he says that it is dead. He confronts Sam about it and Sam explains that he thinks it is ok because they are getting information.

- Sam and Dean follow Samuel to the location of the Alpha Vampire.

- The Alpha Vampire reveals that Samuel is searching for Purgatory for someone higher up, he is building an army, and someone created him.

- The Alpha Vampire escapes but Crowley steps in.

- Crowley reveals that he pulled out Sam and Samuel. He also explains that because Sam’s soul is a cage and he made a deal with Samuel, that he basically owns all of them and they have to do his work. He won’t say why he wants Purgatory.

- Sam and Dean decide to work for Crowley until they can find a way to get back Sam’s soul.

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Supernatural Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Gramps threw a barbeque and left us off the e-vite list?


Dean: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, one more time. Like I'm five. What do you mean he's got no...
Castiel: Somehow when Sam was resurrected, it was without his soul.