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Jonah and Sandra leave Cloud 9 to negotiate with corporate. Jonah promises to text Amy updates. 

Amy gets nervous when the employees continuously ask her how the meeting is going. 

Corporate immediatly denies Jonah's health care request. 

Instead of buying a tree, Dina and Cheyenne convince Amy to chop one down outside of Cloud 9. 

The employee's lawyer gets injured and leaves for the hospital. 

Amy convinces Jonah to continue the meeting without the lawyer.

The Christmas tree falls off of the forklift Amy was using and hits a transformer causing all the power to go out in the store. 

Jonah makes a good argument, and he and Sandra threaten to go on strike if the employees' demands aren't met. 

All the customers leave Cloud 9. 

Corporate agrees to everything in the employee's proposal. 

The workers have a Christmas party to celebrate. Amy and Jonah share a moment alone, in which Amy expresses how proud she is of Jonah for succeeding. 

Maya calls Amy and tells her that Cloud 9 is being bought out, so nothing the employees thought they won matters in the long run. The union is a bust. 

Amy goes to tell Jonah, but after seeing how happy he is, decides not to. 

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Superstore Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Jonah: You're right. We can do this.
Amy: Yes! Yes, you can! You are smart! You got this!
Jonah: I love you. Thank you. Gotta go, bye.

We don't get to relax! That's kinda the point. No, we got to work mopping up scum in your stores. And ruining our knees lifting boxes. And after all of that, we still can't afford rent. Or to go to a doctor when we're sick. Or to buy a car instead of taking five different buses to work.