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A month later, it is Store 1217's last day before closing forever. Amy arrives, and Nia greets her. Sandra, Mateo, and Jonah all say hi.

Glenn notices Amy and assumes she is working that day. Amy tries to get out of it, but Glenn does not let her.

Garrett announces products that need to sell.

Amy is in the breakroom freshening up before work. Dina walks in, and Amy congratulates her on becoming the fulfillment center's manager. Dina is keeping the news a secret because she can only keep five employees. Dina tells Amy that Jonah and Hannah broke up.

Jonah asks Glenn what his plans are now that he is retiring. Glenn realizes he has no hobbies and struggles to think of what to do with his free time.

Cheyenne and Bo are looking at washing machines. Mateo walks over, and they talk about their future plans.

Amy struggles with a scanner; Jonah helps her. Amy asks Jonah about his future plans and pretends to be shocked when he says he broke up with Hannah. Dina overhears and blows Amy's cover.

Glenn and Jerusha go through the store looking for hobbies for Glenn to take up. Mateo tries to help them.

Amy, Cheyenne, and Dina talk about their plans after the store closes. Amy asks about Jonah and says she regrets not marrying him. Sandra overhears and storms away, upset.

Justine confronts Garrett about leaving a fake email on the contact list. Garrett does not think they will hang out after the store closes.

Dina struggles with choosing five employees to keep. Amy notices a girl using a potty in the middle of the store.

Jonah is packing away greeting cards when Amy approaches him. Amy tries to apologize for leaving. She tells Jonah she still wants to be with him, but Jonah does not know what he wants.

A customer asks Glenn where he can find nutmeg. The customer thanks Glenn, and Glenn hugs him. Mateo checks on Glenn. Glenn is sad because that might have been his last customer. Mateo gets fed up with Glenn and tells him not to retire. Then, Glenn makes a store-wide announcement that he plans to reopen Sturgis & Sons, but he has to ask Jerusha first. Jerusha thinks it is a good idea.

Sandra walks by Dina's office and sees her staring at the ceiling. She asks Dina if she is okay. Dina explains her predicament. Sandra suggests five employees and makes herself Dina's assistant manager. Dina agrees.

Cheyenne says that it is the last time she is cleaning slushie vomit. She asks Garrett to take a picture, but he refuses. Glenn walks by and becomes just as emotional. Then, Glenn tells them that he found tapes of everyone's old job interviews.

Everyone crowds around a television. They watch the interviews in the following order: Amy, Dina, Garrett, Sandra, Cheyenne, Mateo, Jonah. During Mateo's interview, Dina asks Garrett if he wants to continue dating after the store closes, and he agrees. After Mateo's interview, Glenn hires him to work at Sturgis & Sons. Jonah leaves halfway through watching his interview.

After Jonah's interview, Amy confronts him about why he stayed so long at Cloud 9. Jonah implies it was because of her. Amy gives Jonah a big speech on how he changed her life. Jonah kisses her. A customer interrupts them.

Glenn and Dina talk about the store's impending closing. Glenn asks Dina to take care of the store.

Garrett announces that the store is closing. He is about to leave, but he decides to make a more heartfelt closing announcement.

Garrett's announcement becomes a voiceover. Employees are preparing to close while listening to Garrett. The episode shows a montage of moments from the show.

Then, we flash forward into the future. Glenn reopened Sturgis & Sons with Mateo and Cheyenne. Dina, Justine, Sandra, and Marcus work at the fulfillment center. Amy has a new executive job, and Jonah is running for city council. They are married. Glenn took up grilling and hosts a barbecue for the former employees. Mateo and Eric are engaged; Emma is at Northwestern University; Dina and Garrett are still together; Sandra and Carol are on good terms. Amy and Jonah raise Parker together and have another son, Carter.

Garrett finishes his announcement and wheels himself away. Store 1217's lights go out.

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Superstore Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Glenn: You know Mateo, it's funny. You're undocumented, and I'm over sixty, and America doesn't want either of us to work anymore.
Mateo: Right, but I'm under constant fear of deportation, and you get discounts at movie theaters, so.
Glenn: Not new releases.
Mateo: Wow. Must be awful to live in terror of spoilers.

Amy: I thought I'd show up on the last day and surprise everybody.
Nia: That's so nice! What's the surprise?
Amy: Um, just me.
Nia: Oh. I thought it would be like, donuts or something.