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During morning announcements, Amy discusses her move to California. While talking about the move, employees start getting notifications of things canceled due to COVID-19.

Amy reminds employees to wash their hands, and Zephra encourages them to follow CDC guidelines. She does not know when she is moving to California. Glenn and Dina are thrilled that Zephra called them heroes.

While Jonah and Amy stack chairs in the café, Dina yells at a customer.

A customer asks Glenn for help; he prides himself on "being a hero."

Cheyenne and Sandra are talking while restocking supplies. Suddenly, customers start wrestling for toilet paper and other supplies. Garrett tries to make an announcement on the virus.

Amy and Jonah watch as customers go wild, and Mateo informs them corporate does not have any new plans to help. Sandra runs away with toilet paper.

As the fighting escalates, Amy grabs everyone's attention and organizes their shopping. Amy and Jonah reassure each other about COVID-19.

In April, Dina tells employees about new guidelines, including social distancing and disinfecting rules. Dina and Glenn are still thrilled about being heroes.

Cheyenne and Sandra plan to secretly set aside toilet paper for themselves.

As store problems grow, Amy decides to use store products to solve them.

A customer sneezes on Glenn, and Dina hoses him down.

Cheyenne and Sandra hide their products in the ceiling. Sayid finds them and asks to hide products for himself.

While Amy, Jonah, and Mateo are making custom masks, Amy's new boss calls and asks her to join a Zoom call.

In June, Cloud 9 now uses the warehouse as the new break room to socially distance the chairs. Amy gets another Zoom call.

Zephra sends Cloud 9 "safety supplies" in case people loot. Jonah defends protestors.

With Marcus's help, Sandra and Cheyenne set aside a lot of products since Sayid told everyone about the arrangement.

Amy continues prioritizing her Zoom calls for her new job over managing the store. Dina and Glenn have trouble with a customer who refuses to wear a mask. Eventually, the ceiling collapses because of all the products Cheyenne and Sandra hid there.

Amy and Jonah talk about her hectic work schedule.

Glenn takes over for Amy during announcements because of her Zoom calls. During Amy's meetings, she continuously has trouble with the internet connection.

A customer gifts a case of beer to the store's employees.

Dina finds Glenn hiding in the back, crying. She sits with him to comfort him.

Everyone is drinking beer and hanging out in the café Jonah goes to get Amy from her office, and she tells him Zephra is ready for her to come to California.

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Superstore Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Attention shoppers, we ask that you please not physically wrestle things from your fellow customers. There's a highly contractable virus out there that our country does not have a hold of. None of y'all are listening, huh? Alright, enjoy the apocalypse!


We are essential. Customers are like sheep looking for guidance. Without leaders, sheep start to eat each other. So unless one of us leads, this place is gonna be littered in haggis from here to Sunday.