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One of Susan's friends, Priya, is having a bridal shower. Leon's great aunt, Ruby, took care of him after his mother died, but now she has a little dementia.

Priya's mom is so cool. She's funny and opinionated.

When Priya cuts the cake, blood seeps out of it.

Megan got a new place!!

Rita calls Luke. They've gotta talk.

Leon is there for Priya, who is crying. A lot of things have happened, and she thinks the house is trying to kill her.

Susan and Priya's mom agree, and then Aunt Ruby says there is more blood to come.

Rita wants to hire Luke to deal with some clients with a host of issues she wants him to solve. He thanks her for lowering the rope so they can save themselves.

Screaming breaks out downstairs while Susan is helping Priya with her dress. It's Ruby, she's stuck. That leaves Priya alone, and her dress tries to kill her, over-cinching her gown. Susan uses her newly found powers to get into the room and fix the gown.

Rita gave them six houses. Susan is shocked.

Luke thinks it might be Dev, Priya's deceased father who may be hurting her instead of being around for her wedding.

Aunt Ruby confirms that when she says Luke was outside talking with the father of the bride, who was very angry. There wasn't a conversation, but Luke knows it's Dev.

Megan talks to Luke's mother, giving her a tongue lashing for being so cruel to Luke and not recognizing what a great kid and later adult he was and is.

The team sets about ridding all of the houses of their spirits to make a killing.

Soon, every house is under contract.

The team discovers that the Donovan house has a special connection to the houses they just cleansed.

Priya wonders if Susan and Luke are a thing, then she and Susan chat until Priya leaves upon Susan's desire to talk about Dev.

Aunt Ruby says she's not there to see Priya and Leon get married. She'll be there, but Priya will be dead.

Oddly, the conversation ends there.

The groom is carrying some serious existential baggage, August discovers.

Susan and Priya finally talk about the odd Aunt Ruby conversation. Priya always wanted to be Susan, which floors Susan. She loved the powers and her secrets, as well as her intelligence.

Priya is angry at the conversation when it turns to her father and she storms off and almost falls in an empty elevator shaft.

Phil finds something online. A death certificate.

August is helping Megan clear out of the Donovan house. She never wants to go in there again, but he's going in anyway. They have a lovely chat.

Luke visits Aunt Ruby. She's got a freaky voice. They're speaking telepathically. She wants to give back the gift of old age. Just then, Phil walks in.

Priya's mom gives her a necklace that her father picked out for her just before he died. He know Leon was the man for her even before she did.

Uh oh. Death certificates follow marriage certificates in this family sometimes by days, and it goes back generations.

In 1926, Leon's great great grandfather was promised to one woman but loved another. The promised one made a curse that the first love of all Baptiste men will be killed.

Ruby says that Priya must sleep tonight, but she won't wake up.

At the Donovan house, August opens the basement and the house responds. August falls down the stairs and the door slams shut behind him.

Leon thinks it's all a bunch of hooey, until he starts thinking about it. Uh, why hasn't anyone else figured this out all these years later??

There is a way to trick the curse. Marry right now. Phil grabs a sash and off they go. Shortest wedding ever as the house tries killing Priya.

Priya knows that her daddy is there. They're married and the curse is broken.

August has been texting everyone. Essentially, they were wrong, and he's afraid. But Phil also said he discovered something about Luke's family. So what was it?

Luke goes to the front door and is rejected. He's bleeding in front of the house when everyone else arrives. He passes out.

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Priya's Mom

Who ya gonna call?