Dad? Why didn't you tell me?


Susan: Hey! You OK?
Luke: Something's changed.
Susan: I feel it, too. The, what I do, moving things around, the fires. It always felt like this shameful, secret thing that only happened when I was upset or scared.
Luke: In case of emergency, break glass.
Susan: Yeah. [Smiles] But since I, since we started working together, it's been different. I'm not scared of it anymore. And tonight, tonight, for the first time in my entire life, I really felt like I was in control. It was precise. It was not emotional. It was tactical. And honestly, it was a rush! It was fun! I've never felt this way.
Luke: The voices? The ones I've heard since I was little? They're not there.
Susan: What do you mean?
Luke: They're not there. Gone. Silent. I try to reach out, but...
Susan: Maybe you're just tired.
Luke: No. [he tries] I got nothin'.

Zooey: This house is clean, bitch.
Phil: We really need to leave the lid open.
Zooey: OK. I just really needed to have that moment. Thank you.

Wait. She's still out there? Alive?


Phil: How long you been here?
Luke: Feels like forever.

My dead boyfriend, Kyle, says hi. Turns out it's not my fault he's my dead boyfriend, Kyle.


I'll just need you to do one little thing for me. I'll need you to die.


Victoria: Here's what I propose. You've had your 36 years of life. It's only fair that I should get the next 36 or so.
House: It's only fair.

Susan: Hey, I could handle things for a little while.
Luke: I'm afraid you're gonna have to.

Who ya gonna call?


If you ladies don't stop giving her such ugly lingerie, I will never have grand babies.

Priya's Mom

That girl has never been a prima ballerina, but ever since they got engaged, she's been bumping into this and falling down that.

Priya's Mom

SurrealEstate Quotes

Megan: I don't believe in ghosts.
Luke: Neither do I. I just work with them.

A stigmatized property is one whose value has been affected by unfortunate occurrences -- ragic events associated with the property, including but not limited to murder, suicide, even accidental death or the perception, either real or imagined, of any residual unpleasantness related to said unfortunate occurrences.