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The Villains tribe continues to struggle with their camp at the beginning of the second episode and frustration is building in Boston Rob over their lack of will to do anything.  Rob tries to do everything himself which leads to his passing out in the jungle and requiring a medical evaluation. 

Fortunately for Boston Rob and the Villains, his condition looks worse than it really is and he’s allowed to stay in the game.  Upon being cleared, Rob proclaims triumphantly, “I’m going to win this game, watch this.”

The reward challenge and the immunity challenge are combined into one challenge this week with the winner gaining immunity and a tarp, nails and rope to help build their camp.  A challenge straight out of Survivor: Tocantins, the tribes must work in pairs to bring large, literal building blocks back to their mat.  From there, the tribes work as a group to construct a puzzle with the giant boxes, requiring both strength and puzzle solving. 

Playing out just like the week prior, the more physical Heroes tribe builds a lead pushing the large boxes back to the mat, but struggle with building the puzzle and communication dooms the tribe.  Though the Villains lag in getting their boxes back to their mat, newly recovered Boston Rob seemingly does it all by solving the puzzle and organizing his team to efficiently maneuver the large blocks into place.  Once again the Villains come from behind on the strength of Boston Rob’s leadership and ability to solve puzzles and send the Heroes to tribal council.

Back at camp, post-challenge strife threatens the rip the camp apart.  James’ frustration over losing two straight challenges boils over and he attacks his tribe for not following their initial plan of letting JT run the challenge having done it before in Survivor: Tocantins.  Two clear groups clearly emerge: Tom, Colby and Stephanie who want Amanda out vs. James, Amanda and Rupert who are making Stephanie the scapegoat. 

JT seems to agree that Stephanie needs to go home, so Tom, Colby and Stephanie try to convince the two undecided Heroes members, Candice and Cirie, that if they don’t work with them, they’ll be next to go after Stephanie.

The tension continues to boil over at tribal council as James goes after Stephanie causing Colby and Tom to rise up in her defense.  Unfortunately for Stephanie, it becomes clear that James’ campaigning to remove her has worked as Candice and Cirie side with James, Amanda, Rupert and JT and Stephanie is the second person voted out of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

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