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After another difficult tribal council, the tension at the Heroes tribe continues back at camp as Tom confronts James about his bullying and JT and Tom hash out the alliance that JT broke with his vote against Stephanie.  Tom quickly recognizes that he’s in a tough position and makes amends with JT who apologies for his vote, but explains it as one where he didn’t want to be on the wrong side.

Over at the Villains tribe, Coach and Boston Rob confront Russell about his canoodling with Parvati, a player everyone seems to be afraid of because of her perceived friends on the Heroes tribe.  Russell bites his tongue in the confrontation, but in his interview expresses his incredulity at Coach’s credibility and anxiety with Boston Rob’s entitlement.  Sensing the two are too comfortable, Russell tries to stir up some trouble by burying the tribe’s machete.

Once again this week, there is just one challenge and it is for all the marbles – immunity and reward.  The challenge, from Survivor: Palau, pits survivors against each other in a one on one battle to push the other off of a platform with a two handed, padded blocker.  Though the match ups seem about as even as they can be between the two tribes, the Heroes are clearly the more physical tribe and dominate, winning 8-0. 

Facing the prospect of their first tribal council, the Villains wrestle with how to base their vote – strength of the tribe vs. threat of the player.  Randy is clearly the oldest and weakest member of the Villains tribe and Boston Rob lobbies for his removal in an effort to improve his tribe’s chances at challenges.  On the other side of the coin, Coach, Jerri and Tyson all do their best to convince the tribe that leaving Parvati in the game is a mistake because of all the friends she has on the Heroes tribe.

At tribal council, Jeff takes the temperature of the tribe inquiring about what leadership exists within the tribe.  Boston Rob and Coach occasionally try to step and organize the group while at camp, but Coach points out that the task is “like herding cats.”  When asked to explain their success at challenges despite such lack of organization in camp, Boston Rob explains that the pressure of the challenge focuses the tribe, but with no accountability at camp, nothing gets done.

All of the banter is a prelude to Jeff’s probing as to what each tribe member’s priorities are heading into the vote.  No one will tip their hand, citing both tribal unity and Parvati’s possible flip-flopping at a merge.  The vote reveals that the tribe made a unified decision to keep the tribe strong and Randy is sent packing.

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