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Action for the Survivor: Nicaragua finale got started very quickly with the penultimate immunity challenge.  The survivor’s ability to answer three geography questions about Nicaragua is tested with each right answer representing a bag of puzzle pieces while an incorrect answer meant having to go back and get the correct bag.  Once all three bags of puzzle pieces were obtained, the competitors could begin on the puzzle.  Despite getting a question wrong, Jud managed to make up the lost time and win the immunity.  

Although Jud was the initial target for being voted out by the dominant alliance of Holly, Sash and Chase, after his immunity win, the trio quickly turned their sights to Dan.  Despite pleas from Jud to Sash and Chase to eliminate Holly instead because she was a bigger threat to win the game, the other younger guys did not seem to give Jud much of an ear.  Dan pleaded his case at tribal council, but it fell on deaf ears and he was eliminated.  

Reduced to the final four, Jud, Holly, Chase and Sash went on the Rites of Passage to burn representative shields of the people they voted out to get to the end.  At the end of the trek, the four would be at their final immunity challenge.  Balancing a sword on a shield with one hand, the survivors piled uneven coins on the hilt of the sword with the other.  Holly’s coins fell off first, quickly followed by Chase and both were eliminated.  Jud managed to outlast Sash to win his third straight immunity challenge.

Having immunity, Jud was untouchable which forced the alliance to cannibalize itself.  Sash did his best to butter up to Jud, but was caught in a lie after Chase and Holly sold him out.  Chase and Holly tried to play it straight with Jud to get him to take them to the final three, but Jud worried about who would get the votes.  In the end, the guys all determined that Holly was the biggest threat remaining and made her the final member of the jury.

Reduced to just three survivors and all males, Chase, Sash and Jud enjoyed a feast breakfast before preparing for the final tribal council.  After opening statements, the trio settled in to be peppered by questions and comments from the jury.  Brenda, Marty, Kelly S and Alina were looking for the survivors to answer specific questions, while other jury members like Benry, Dan and Jane were looking to make statements.  In the end, only Jud and Chase won votes, with Jud squeaking out a 5-4 win.

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Survivor Season 21 Episode 14 Quotes

Chase: I'm missing a piece.
Jeff: Must have fell out when you dumped them out.

I'm trying to find as many avenues to make the final three as possible. If that means making promises with every person left on my tribe. That's what I'm gonna do.