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After Dawn and Whitney were sent to Redemption Island in the last episode, the game was finally down to just the Upolu members.  Well, the Upolu members and the man who made their dominance possible, Cochran.  However, that significant distinction about Cochran made him feel vulnerable now that there was no remaining Savaii to vote off.  In a pre-emptive effort to stay long in the game, Cochran lies to his tribe about his birthday coming soon and asks for three more days in return for the sacrifice he made for Upolu.

The arrival of Dawn and Whitney at Redemption Island meant that another duel would take place against the incumbent, Ozzy.  The duel consisted of stacking plates and bowls of various sizes at the end of a metal arm the castaways had to balance.  If the plates fell off, the castaway was eliminated.  Similar to the last duel, neither Dawn nor Whitney would provide much of a challenge and Ozzy continued to advance on Redemption Island.

Back at the Te Tuna camp there seems to be dissention among “the family”.  For starters, Albert agrees that Cochran should not go home, but is struggling to find anyone besides Cochran who agrees with the idea.  At the same time, Rick and Edna are frustrated with Albert’s refusal to do any work around camp and Rick coins the nickname “Prince Albert” for their tribemate.  

The two part immunity challenge has the castaways throwing beanbags on top of wooden crates at increasing distances to advance to the second round.  The three players who advanced then use a sling shot to fire coconuts at three targets also of increasing distance to win immunity.  Rick, Sophie and Albert advanced to the final round.  Rick had a chance to win immunity, but his miss allowed Albert to capitalized and emerge victorious.

After the immunity challenge Cochran continues to scramble to save his life and forms an unlikely alliance with Edna as both realize they are the next two to be sent to Redemption Island.  Albert is excited about having three votes to send Rick out instead of Cochran, but the trio can’t convince Coach to go with him.  Ultimately the family stays together and Cochran is sent to Redemption.

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Survivor Season 23 Episode 11 Quotes

Awwww, Jeff Probst, I love you.


There always has been a cult like quality to the Upolu family.