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After last week’s stunning decision by Ozzy to send himself to Redemption Island as part of a grand plan to even the numbers between the two tribes and use Cochrane as a double agent, Survivor wasted no time in showing us if the plan worked or not.  Before the Redemption Island challenge commenced, Ozzy tried his best to sell Cochrane as an outcast on Savaii so that he could easily infiltrate Upolu.  But, Ozzy oversold the presentation and Upolu was not buying it.

The challenge consisted of tying sticks together to create a pole long enough to retrieve three keys.   Ozzy had no trouble with the challenge, collected his keys, opened the door and sent Christina home.  The tribes were informed that Ozzy would be returning to the game and the tribes were merged.

At the newly merged Te Tuna camp Cochrane did his best to hold up his end of the bargain, but was quickly told by Coach that they did not believe Ozzy’s act.  That didn’t stop Coach from trying to convince Cochrane to join with Upolu.  Coach talked with Cochrane about how he did not need to be treated as the former Savaiis had done to him and asked if he wanted his fate to come down to a rock drawing in the event of a tie.

With Savaii thinking that Cochrane is acting as a double agent for them while Cochrane was considering flipping, the new Te Tuna tribe headed for their first immunity challenge.  A simple challenge of balance and concentration had the castaways balancing on a narrow beam while holding a coconut between two strings.  Two immunity necklaces were awarded for the challenge, one to the last remaining male, Ozzy and female, Dawn.

Prior to winning immunity, Dawn was considering flipping with Cochrane because she did not agree with the way that the other Savaiis treated Cochrane.  After both her and Ozzy won immunity, the odds turned in Savaii’s favor and she went back on her original plan.  Dawn may not have flipped on her tribe, but she did flip on her previous words to Cochrane, telling him that if he turns, it’ll come back to bite him.

Unfortunately for Savaii, Dawn’s words did not have any effect on Cochrane’s decision.  After Savaii incorrectly played the idol for Whitney, Cochrane flipped his vote after the first tie and Keith was sent home.  He immediately tried to explain to Ozzy and Jim, but was shot down by repeated comments of “coward” by Jim.  Brandon immediately came to Cochrane’s defense, telling him to stick by his side.  All before anyone even left tribal council!

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Survivor Season 23 Episode 8 Quotes

You just witnessed Survivor history. Ozzy descended from the heavens and came up with this miraculous plan to sacrifice himself.


I consider myself a mastermind, but not an evil mastermind.