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After Cochran had turned on his former tribemates, they are out for blood back at camp.  Ozzy, Jim and Whitney each take their turns dishing out their venom at Cochran who is all too accommodating when listening to their rants.  Brandon interrupts a few times to make sure that Cochran does not feel threatened, but Cochran displays an unusual amount of confidence dealing with his former tribe.

No sooner does the sun rise on the next day than the survivors are sent to their next immunity challenge.  The two part challenge advances the first four players who tossed a coconut in to a rope ring twenty feet in front of them.  

For the second part of the challenge the players had to crack open coconuts, get as much water in their mouth as possible, navigate an obstacle course and spit the water in to a tube.  Sophie was the early leader in the challenge, but had to spit out her water on her last run allowing Jim to sneak in for the win.

The former Savaii members did their best to scramble hoping to paint Cochran a dishonorable player, but the argument falls on deaf Upolu ears.  Lacking anyway to save himself, Ozzy loses the vote and is sent to Redemption Island.

In an attempt to cram two tribal councils in to one episode, the hour of television moves along quickly in to the next immunity challenge.  The contestants had to balance on a plank that would gradually become thinner while balancing a ball on an arced piece of wood.  The wrinkle to the challenge was that those who did not want to compete could instead enjoy a feast of muffins and pastries.

Not surprisingly, none of the former Upolu or Cochran competed in the challenge.  This left Dawn, Jim and Whitney to duke it out and prevent a likely ouster.  Dawn survived the longest leaving Jim and Whitney to fight for their lives.  Once again Jim does his best to try to come up with a plan to save himself and his tribe, but he fails again and is sent to join Ozzy and Keith at Redemption Island.

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Survivor Season 23 Episode 9 Quotes

Brandon: How many chances do you get to vote [Ozzy] out of this game?
Cochran: Apparently two.

He just lost me six weeks of my freaking life out here.