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Having merged at the previous tribal council, the twelve remaining survivors return to camp and are greeted by a plate of cheese, crackers, grapes and a few bottles of champagne.  For an evening the game is off, but the next morning Jay makes it clear the game is back on when he denies Tarzan coffee because his old tribe won it at a previous challenge.  Tarzan recognizes this and immediately talks to Mike to see if he’s still on board with an all-male alliance.  Mike assures Tarzan he is, but truthfully has no intentions of voting with Tarzan.

For the reward challenge the survivors are split in to two groups of six with the winning group receiving a pizza and beer picnic along with a secret note to be read after the reward.  The challenge itself consists of four people digging their way under a barrier and retrieving a bag of puzzle pieces.  Once all four bags of pieces are back, the remaining two players can solve the puzzle.  The orange group consisting of Chelsea, Troyzan, Christina, Alicia, Jay and Sabrina nearly squander an early big lead, but hang on for the victory.

As the orange group is enjoying their reward and then learning of another hidden immunity idol back at camp, Jonas learns from Mike that Tarzan is trying to get the men back together.  This is news to Jonas and when he confronts Tarzan about it the pair gets in to a heated debate that turns personal.  Tired of the way Jonas has been treating him, Tarzan says he’s breaking off from the male alliance and tells Jonas that he does not like him.

Before any more fireworks can fly the twelve survivors compete in their first immunity challenge.  While standing on a narrow perch the must balance first one, then two and finally three balls on a disc with one hand and without falling off the perch.  A few people struggle with one and two balls and bow out early, but most make it to the final stage.  Eventually the challenge comes down to Kat and Troyzan.  Though Kat looks far steadier than Troyzan she can’t stay on the platform and Troyzan wins.

Back at camp Troyzan informs Jonas that his name has come up and Jonas goes in to full-fledged scramble mode.  He makes amends with Tarzan and they target Kat to be sent home.  When he’s not talking to Jonas, Tarzan is digging his own grave by insisting that his dirty laundry get washed with Chelsea’s.  This does not sit well with her and she openly lobbies to her alliance to keep Jonas and send Tarzan home.

At tribal council Jonas continues to scramble to save his butt and throws Mike in to the mix as someone who should be considered a bigger threat than he.  Tarzan takes exception to this and the duo starts to bicker.  After Jonas calls out Tarzan’s ill-fated plan to get rid of Kat, Tarzan declares he’s voting for Jonas and is ready to see him sent home.  Despite continued verbal support from Chelsea and Sabrina, no one votes against Tarzan and Jonas is sent home.

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Tarzan, quit talking, dude.


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