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While Monica was the person sent home last week, Christina was equally as blindsided by the move, but is fortunate to still be in the game.  This point is hammered home by Colton and Alicia after tribal council as they berate her for seemingly no reason.  Not content with the power to vote off Christina next week, Colton and Alicia feel the need to rub her face in the fact that she’s going home.

The two tribes are told they will be playing a backyard game for the reward challenge, but the game presented isn’t one many backyards are familiar with.  One by one the members of the tribe scampered up stack of blocks and threw coconuts off of a make-shift trampoline trying to hit targets on the ground.  The competition is fierce, but Salani is able to pull away at the end and run their win streak to four straight challenges.  For their efforts the tribe is treated to an ice cream sundae bar and stuffs their faces.

Back and Manono Colton and Alicia continue to hammer away at Christina, but Colton’s showing signs of lessening up.  Instead of taking out his aggression on Christina, he’s dealing with dehydration, headaches and abdominal pain.  A difficult night is spent in the ironic care of Christina who figures her motherly actions will curry favor with Colton.  Things worsen the next day and a medical examination reveals that Colton has acute appendicitis and needs to be removed from the game.

Before leaving Colton makes the choice to take his immunity idol with him as a souvenir.  This infuriates Alicia who suddenly has no allies on a thinning Manono tribe.  Both tribes are sent notes that they will be heading to tribal council but are not informed why.  They each speculate as to what will happen, but the big reveal comes quickly when Salani sees that Colton is no longer in the game.  Jeff informs the tribes of Colton’s condition and then drops another bomb that they are merging and no one will be voted off.

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Survivor Season 24 Episode 6 Quotes

You might be able to make an alliance with a hermit crab at this point.


I'm sorry but that was the funniest tribal council I've ever been to.