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There is a Black Lives Matters march, and Hondo arries with his badge. He's verbally accosted as a pig by one of the marchers.

Hondo, Daniel, and Darrell are talking about the Rodney King riots. Darryl didn't know about King.

Flashback to another breakfast from 1992. Same house, much younger men. Daniel had hoped that Hondo would go to a particular university on a footfall scholarship. Hondo doesn't want to go.

Even back in the day, Hondo was standing up for the police in the Rodney King trial, and it caused friction with his dad. They were on the scene as rioting began at a local TV shop.

They mention the virus and whether they should wear masks for viruses. Once again, Luca is missing in action. But he checks in from Germany. He's out teaching.

Lynch has been working leads. Hondo wants the commander to speak at the community party.

Agent Simons checks in. El Diablo's nephew, Bricklayer, is planning on taking over the cartel. 

The King conversations continue with the SWAT team, and Chris and Street and Tan remember nothing, but Street eyes Chris strangely when she says she remembers fairly little.

Major action!!

Bricklayer says there is an attack going down today, maybe any minute. And we see that attack.

Seven dead, six survivors at the attack. Three men and one woman, just like Bricklayer said.

Seeing the city on fire takes Hondo back again. Hondo sees someone getting hurt, and Hondo jumps out of the car to try to protect him. It was a white man getting pounded, and Hondo and Pops get him safely to the car to get him some help.

Bricklayer has jihadist tattoos, and Deacon picks it up. He threatens the guy as an accomplice to mass murder. 

There is a rapper fan meetup that appears to be a terrorist target.

This feels so familiar, but I cannot think of the other show where a popup like this was targeted.

There is an explosion. They show the detonation. Chris and Street are on the look out. She shoots and kills. Hondo gets the next, and the third guy is caught next.

Ten people died.

They were self funded, each of wealthy families. Deacon said that what they found indicates there is another attack, possibly bigger, on the horizon.

Hondo and Darryl chat after D checks on Hondo. D wants to be there for someone he cares about, and Hondo gives his approval.

There is a fifth suspect who calls himself The American. Commander and Hondo narrow down the pool of suspects, and an EMS driver is of interest. They're gonna use the ambulance to target the triage center. That's where Darryl is.

In '92, Hondo and Pops saved the man, who had a brain bleed. It's during a discussion about the riots that HOndo revealed he'd be joining the Marines.

Today, Darryl is helping people in triage.

Trammel grew up in the Middle East, and that's how he became a sympathizer.

Trammel decides to test SWAT. Despite the call to fall back, Hondo keeps shooting and gets through the windshield. The truck explodes.

Hondo is down! Hondo is down!

Hondo admits that he wanted to hurt his dad all those years ago, and that's why he enlisted. But they're still there, and they have each other again. Darryl wonders if it's infuriating that they're still talking about the same issues so many years later. Hondo is just pleased they're still together.

Commander and Lynch talk. He's nervous about his talk. As they wait, Lynch gets the call about coronavirus. The world's about to change.

Chris remembers that her mother looted stuff and gave it to her. Street says it's the thought that counts. Chris admits she loved that CD player.

Commander admits in his speech that he and his partner were ordered away from the city, which they watched burn from ten miles away. But today, he holds his officers to higher standards. He has to life with his decisions. Pop walks away.

Hondo and Pop are not going to see eye to eye on his choice of career. They both saw police killing, Pop in Watts, and Hondo in '92. What's Darryl gonna see?

Back to the march. Hondo puts on his mask and begins marching with the group. He, Pop, and Darryl kneel in front of a mural while a woman repeats George Floyd's las words and video of past riots plays on.

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S.W.A.T. Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Commander: What are ya thinkin'?
Hondo: I hate seein' my city on fire.

Deacon: That's not how prison works.
Hondo: You can't just order up prison time like we're Postmates.