Hunting Down a Terrorist - S.W.A.T.
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  • Street and Luca head a test for the recruits at the S.W.A.T. Academy when an explosion happens nearby. It turns out to be an oil derrick and an apartment building takes the brunt of it.
  • A candidate, Zoe Powell, goes to save a resident but is trapped on the roof. She uses some rope to get her and the woman down, but Street and Luca don't like that she disobeyed orders and didn't wait for backup.
  • Deacon and Annie dig deeper into the Ortiz case by meeting with him and Maria's former boss. They get a name, Scott, who seemed close to her.
  • At the site of the explosion, firefighters find pieces of a bomb. When Luca and Street call Hicks, Hicks tells them that two other derricks exploded across town in K-Town and Compton. The bombs were homemade.
  • The team tries to narrow down where the next target could be but there are over a thousand drill sites in LA and a lot of them are in residential neighborhoods.
  • Deacon is told by Ortiz's lawyer to not look into the case, as it's basically a lost cause.
  • A councilwoman doesn't like that S.W.A.T. is in charge of the oil derricks and Hondo Hicks try to get her to trust them. She reluctantly does.
  • Hicks argues with Zoe about what she did at the explosion site and Street overhears.
  • 20-Squad figures out their suspects and track them down in a shopping area. They say none of them had anything to do with the bombings but they know who did. They make videos protesting the oil companies and someone interrupted them.
  • Hondo talks to the councilwoman about the polution of the oil companies in underpriliged communities since she was also brought up in one.
  • In one of the videos Chris and Tan find a patch that matches the symbol left by the derricks.
  • Street talks to Deacon and Luca about Zoe, and Street can't help but see the comparison. Zoe is him when he was a rookie on S.W.A.T. A daredevil.
  • When 20-Squad gets to the location, the place is booby trapped so Luca uses Black Betty to get the door down.
  • Annie meets with Scott's estranged wife, who knows some stuff that wasn't released to the public and Annie calls Deacon, shaken up.
  • While searching the house, Tan finds a bunch of articles about oil companies and they find the next target. The team get to it in time and take down the suspects as Deacon disarms the bomb.
  • While Deacon and Annie's theory about Scott's wife, Cora, being behind the murder since Scott was out of town, the lawyer doesn't think there's enough evidence to back it up.
  • Street talks to Zoe to get her to open up and at first it doesn't phase her but she later asks him to help her go through the armory.
  • Hondo figures out the councilwoman's real deal and that is that her play is all a political cover. He wants to take action for those underprivilged communities since he actually cares.
  • Deacon tries to push Annie to go to law school since it's clear she still has a knack for it.
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S.W.A.T. Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

I did my job, too. I put the cuffs on Ortiz six years ago. Doesn't mean we got it right.


Setting off explosives is a funny way of keeping the neighborhood safe.