Hunting Down a Shooter - S.W.A.T.
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  • Daniel Sr. gets ready to move out of Hondo's
  • Luca gets a call that his brother has been arrested
  • Hicks catches up with old friend, Judge Walker, but after Hicks hears three gunshots from the parking garage, he sees the judge in bad shape. He tries to go after the car, but it's no use
  • Judge Walker doesn't make it and Hondo offers to let S.W.A.T. help
  • Luca's brother, Terry, is looking at three to five years after he tried to help his girlfriend. Luca doesn't necessarily like what he did, and he and Terry have a fight
  • Deacon questions another victim, a social worker, of the shooting and find out the shooter was a woman and says they "ruined their lives." The woman also had a necklace, a pendant with the letter "V"
  • Hondo gets a call from his father's realtor and finds out that he flaked on all the apartment listings Hondo sent
  • Hicks meets with Judge Walker's wife and admits he wishes he could have done something, while she says she told her husband not to go in since he was up with a cold
  • Luca wants to let Terry take the fall for once but Tan tells him that he won't because he's his brother, while Street says to lower his expectations
  • Hondo and Deacon find a conection to "V" meaning "Virginia" but the guy says she's dead. Suicide. But he says that her sister, Naomi, has the car used in the shooting and the necklace
  • Luca meets with Terry's girlfriend, April, but their statements contradict each other. Terry swings by HQ and doesn't like that Luca met with April
  • 20-Squad finds Naomi's possible location in an RV but it's clear. Deacon finds a box with Virginia's stuff, including her journal
  • Street and Chris share a moment outside the trailer
  • Naomi manages to get away after a car chase, and flees to her niece's house where gunshots are soon heard
  • Naomi kidnaps her niece, Jamie, and shoots the father, possibly taking her north to Oregon
  • A car chase ensues and ends with Naomi nearly driving off a cliff, thanks to a guard rail. Hondo and Chris try to talk Naomi down, and she tells them to take out Jamie
  • Naomi feels loss and regret and is hesitant to leave the car but Luca manages to get her to come to her senses
  • Hicks sees Maggie to tell her about the case, and to comfort her, having gone through a similar loss with his wife
  • Hondo has a talk with his father about him not living there anymore, but Daniel Sr. says he's happy to move out. He just already has a place in mind. His mom's house
  • Luca called the DA and had Terry's charges dropped down to a misdemeanor
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S.W.A.T. Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

I'm tired of you trying to fix my life so you can feel better about your own.


Makes you think, though. I mean, so many people, so alone. If you're lucky enough to find someone to be with, maybe someone you're meant to be with, could be foolish to push that away. Just sayin'.