A Deadly Ambush - S.W.A.T.
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  • Luca sets up a double date for Street, but he's not completely up for it. But Luca doesn't take it.
  • Chris tells Hondo that Mama Pina's in the hospital and he lets her visit her.
  • Two kids break into a house to "take a quick look around" and they find a gun. The girl finds a rifle and starts shooting at police.
  • Academy recruit Cabrera makes it onto S.W.A.T. and Hicks assigns her to 20-Squad for the day.
  • 20-Squad rolls up to the scene and the guy tries to talk his friend into stopping. He goes out with his hands up, surrendering.
  • Street and Tan successfully grab the girl, and Street finds a room filled with guns. The owner of the house is an illegal arms dealer. A case is empty, and a bag full of money is on the floor.
  • Street and Tan spot the owner of the house in his red pickup, and a car chase pursues. They take him into custody after blocking the car with Black Betty.
  • The guy could be tied to several shootings because of the guns he sold, and he hints that something "big" is going down. He's willing to talk, as long as he's granted full immunity.
  • Back at HQ, Cabrera is thinking about the call, telling Deacon she's only had to draw her weapon twice in the 10 years she's been a cop. Deacon gives her some wise advise.
  • Street and Luca team up to find the truck and Luca talks to him about their double date. He swears that the girl he's setting Street up with is his "perfect match."
  • Chris visits Mama Pina in the hospital, but it's not looking good. She tells Chris there's nothing more doctors can do for her. Chris offers to help in any way she can.
  • Mama Pina wants Chris to find a safe place for all the women.
  • Luca and Street find the owner of the vehicle, but he doesn't seem like the buyer so they're hoping he knows someone who is.
  • 20-Squad track him, Elliot, down and Cabrera shoots him. The team ask him about the rest of the guns but he is not willing to cooperate.
  • Cabrera finds a photo of Elliot's nephew, Tom, who LAPD arreseted a few years ago. Hicks figures he was in the video doing the deal.
  • Cabrera appears to be fine at HQ but Deacon can sense that something is up with her.
  • Tan talks to Street about the date, happy that he's back in the game, but Street switches the subject back to the case.
  • The team tracks burner cell signals to a gated community where the mother of the California Governor lives.
  • Tom and his group shoot two secruity guards and almost douse the govenror in gasoline before 20-Squad makes way in a helicopter.
  • The guys fortify the house and tie up the governor and her mother.
  • 20-Squad carefully make their way through the booby trapped house trying to look for the governor, but Tom goes into a room and threatens she "listen to the music."
  • Hondo, Deacon, and Cabrera take down Tom, taking him into custody along with the other suspects.
  • Luca sets up a weekend sailing trip, but Street passes it up. He admits to Street that he's known about his feelings for Chris; he was just waiting for him to come clean.
  • Street tells Luca that it's complicated but Luca tells him to figure it out. If he doesn't, he'll regret it.
  • Chris is back at HQ and catches Hondo up on Mama Pina. Hondo offers to help, but Chris doesn't think it's enough, as Mama Pina provides women with hope.
  • Chris admits she's been thinking about what's next, what she's doing with her life. Taking over the safe house could be the change she's been looking for; even though she loves S.W.A.T., Hondo assures her that she's the best person to do this, but she leaves behind a legacy.
  • Deacon talks to Cabrera about bottling emotions and how Dr. Wendy is available if she ever needs to talk. Though he's found something else that helps. He takes her to his church to meet with the priest.
  • Chris talks to Street about taking over the safehouse and admits that she's been restless for months.
  • Street confesses that he wants to work things out with her, but Chris tells him she doesn't think it's meant to be. He tries to get her to say she doesn't love him, but she can't.
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S.W.A.T. Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Nothing I say could truly prepare you. But just know this. Every time I've had to take a life, it was the only option. I did what I had to do and it saved the lives of civilians or the lives of my team.


Chris: Volunteering with you, helping these women. I've been able to help people put their lives back together. It feels good.
Mama Pina: You've really made a difference.