One of Their Own - S.W.A.T.
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  • Deacon brings over some hand-me-downs from his girls for Hondo and Nichelle's baby. He reminisces about life and his kids.
  • Hondo gets a call from Rios about possibly putting Saint away, thanks to a raid at one of his stash houses. Rios thinks it's what they've been searching for.
  • A guy watches Rios at the stash house, looking pretty sketchy.
  • At HQ, Powell is on armory duty and Street tries to talk some sense into her, but she'd rather not hear it.
  • Rios is being followed from the stash house and tries to lose the guy, but he gets into an accident and tries to call for help.
  • Luca talks to Tan about Hicks being on a stationary bike, which he usually doesn't do. He's worried about his behavior lately. They see kale salads with HIcks' name in the fridge, and Luca tells Tan how his dad went on a health kick after he had a mild heart attack.
  • Street tells the two about what happened to Rios, and the team checks out the scene.
  • Hondo blames himself for what happened to Rios, promising that he is going to get him back.
  • Street and Hicks look over traffic cam footage, and Powell tells them there's no good look at the people that took him. Street also tells Hicks about the laptop that was recovered from the raid and how Rios thinks it could be the Holy Grail.
  • Hicks gets a call from his doctor, and Luca and Tan overhear him, wondering what it's about and how to go about it.
  • Hondo and Deacon meet with Saint, and Hondo confronts him, but he keeps denying his business. Hondo begins to draw a crowd, and Deacon tells him to back down.
  • While going through the logs, Luca points out to Hicks a thumb drive that was found but never logged into evidence, nor was it found at the scene.
  • Luca tries to confront Hicks about his behavior, but they're interrupted by Hicks talking to Hondo about what he did with Saint.
  • Street and Powell go to evidence to get information on the laptop and thumb drive, which is important in figuring out what's on it. They realize that Rios had it and was driving it down himself. When they try to check out the laptop to bring it to HQ, they see it was just checked out. When Street and Powell take down the guy, it's Charlie Rios, the detective's son, trying to help his dad.
  • At HQ, the team watches a video of Rios sent to Charlie's phone. Hondo zooms in on a logo on a box in the video and figures out it's at Raymont Harris' building.
  • Powell questions Street about his hovering, and Street tries to be a good mentor, but she's still not giving in.
  • Hondo meets with Raymont and tells him about Rios. Raymont tells him about a new warehouse and how Saint's guy gave the crew the day off.
  • 20-Squad pulls up to the warehouse and breach it. They don't find anything and realize someone tipped them off.
  • Hondo and Raymont try to get Phoebe, the worker, to open up, and she admits that her brother Marcus is Saint's driver.
  • Street gets advice from Deacon about Powell, and he tells him that Powell isn't him. He suggests that he listen to Powell and let his guard down.
  • After dropping off Saint, Marcus gets a call from Phoebe, and Hondo warns him about Saint. Marcus doesn't listen and tells them he'll prove that Saint is a good guy. From afar, he sees Saint with Rios, but before he can return to the car, he's caught.
  • Saint threatens to kill Marcus if Rios doesn't give up the location of the drive, and he tells him it's in his car.
  • While on the way to Saint, Hondo still blames himself and is certain that whatever happens, he's going to take down Saint.
  • Saint gets to a car lot, and they shoot the guy at the gate. When they find Rios' car, he tells them where the flash drive is.
  • Sure enough, it's where the drive is.
  • Before Saint's guys have the chance to kill Rios and Marcus, 20-Squad comes barreling through the lot, and a shootout ensues.
  • The team splits to save Rios and Marcus and take down Saint.
  • Hondo and Deacon go after Saint, and after some talking, Hondo shoots him.
  • Street talks to Powell to apologize, telling her how hard it was for him to fit in when he joined. He invites her to hang out with the team.
  • Hondo visits Rios in the hospital and catch up, assuring Hondo that this is not his fault.
  • Luca confronts Hicks about his doctor, and it turns out that Hicks was talking to his matchmaker. Luca couldn't be happier to hear the news. However, Luca helps Hicks get ready for his date in an hour.
  • Nichelle tries to cheer up Hondo at home after news of Saint spreads, as some are not taking it lightly.
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She's not you.


I didn't ask you to be my mentor or whatever it is you think you're doing.