Food Truck Festival
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  • There is a food truck festival that people are setting up for, with Luca's food truck, Guate-mama's, included. However, Xiamara is mad at Luca since he hasn't been very helpful.
  • Deacon is teaching his son, Matthew, how to fight, and Street and Hicks see his black eye. Deacon tells them that he got into a fight at school and was suspended, and Matthew hasn't opened up about it.
  • Deacon hopes that showing him some moves will make him open up some more.
  • Nichelle gets to the center, which has been ransacked. She hears two guys, locks herself in her office, and calls 911. The two leave once they hear the sirens.
  • The food truck festival is full of people, and a few guys, looking awfully sketchy, show up. Meanwhile, one guy starts getting angry at the worker, and soon, all hell breaks loose as a full-on shootout begins.
  • Hondo shows up at the community center, and Nichelle voices her worry about the place now, bringing up the fact Annie got a gun after her and Deacon's house got shot up a while ago.
  • 20-Squad shows up to the festival and moves in. One suspect barricaded himself inside a food truck and keeps shooting. After some time, they're able to get up to the truck and shoot at it, killing him.
  • Hicks tells Deacon and Hondo that this isn't the first time a food truck has been robbed, but there isn't much to go off of for it.
  • Xiamara's niece, Leticia, catches Luca and Tan up on what happened, she and Xiamara are fine, but her friend, Adam, was shot. Tan promises that he's in good hands.
  • In Spanish, Xiamara lets Luca know how upset she is with him, and Leticia says that she only took the job because he was excited about the food. Leticia thinks if he's not excited anymore, her tîa should move on.
  • Luca tells Hicks about the food truck rivalry in LA, and Cabrera mentions how a food truck owner said he had beef with a rival, and it's someone that Luca is aware of.
  • Deacon talks to Hondo about what happened at the center and how Annie has been doing with a gun after what happened to their house. The two also talk about Matthew, and Deacon sees a photo of the kid Matt got into a fight with, and he was looking a lot worse.
  • Luca admits to Tan about how he feels about Guate-mama's and how he doesn't feel that excitement anymore since it hasn't brought the team together. Tan suggests he start thinking about what makes him happy long-term, but Luca wants to stick with the food truck a little longer.
  • Luca and Tan question Ernie Delgado, who is well-known in the LA food truck scene, and he tells them about some guys robbing a restaurant.
  • Gunmen stop a truck to take some fresh produce but leave when S.W.A.T. shows up, despite them leaving a couple of boxes behind. A car chase ensues, and Luca and Tan get stopped by a grenade.
  • Street and Deacon check out the avocado truck, and Deacon figures the produce were packing cocaine.
  • Cabrera gets an ID on a gunman from the festival, and it's discovered he's a hitman for a cartel.
  • Street and Tan interview the truck driver, who swears he had no idea the avocado had cocaine, but he did deliver to the businesses that got hit, meaning that the company could be a target.
  • As Nichelle gets ready to identify the kids who robbed the center, she tells Hondo she wants to get a gun.
  • Hicks gets information that the avocados were tied to a cartel hit that the DEA came up empty on during a raid.
  • Deacon and Cabrera interview an administrator at the produce company in the hospital after there was a bloodbath at the company.
  • Tan and Hicks find a guy, Benny, from the produce company who is next on the cartel's hit list, and sure enough, the gunmen show up at his apartment.
  • The team tries to get a location on Benny, and they show up at a grocery store. One kid who went in by himself freezes in place and then goes into a back room to be safe.
  • 20-Squad shows up and try to hold the mom back as they get ready to go in. One cop who got shot tells them there are two shooters and one hostage.
  • They're able to take down one suspect, but unfortunately, the kid has a live grenade and is being held hostage by Felix.
  • Felix walks forward with the kid and grenade as Hondo and Deacon walk backward, keeping eyes on them. Knowing the type of grenade, Luca gets an idea and relays it to the team. Street engages once they're at the end of the aisle, and Hondo throws it into a dumpster with just enough time.
  • Luca shows up at the hospital and talks to Xiamara and Leticia about his new plan for the truck, including hiring more workers, being involved in food truck Fridays, and using whatever they get to go towards Adam's hospital bill. He wants to spread the happiness.
  • Deacon talks to Matthew, and Matthew tells him that a kid at school told him that all cops are killers, with S.W.A.T. being the worst, and they deserved to have their house shot up a while ago.
  • Deacon tells Matty that he appreciates him standing up for him, but it wasn't right. A good person doesn't respond with violence. Matthew apologizes for what he did and suggests he needs to apologize to the kid and his family.
  • Nichelle meets Hondo at the shooting range at HQ since Hondo wants to make sure that she is sure about owning a gun. Hondo shows Nichelle how to aim, but she changes her mind before she shoots. She tells Hondo it's not for her. She doesn't think she can knowingly save a life. Hondo tells her what went down was one really bad moment, and they have a lifetime of better ones.
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S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Look, I bought the food truck because I thought it would bring the team together, you know? Keep us all connected.


I used to think of this place as a kind of sanctuary, you know? But I was defenseless, as they were banging on my office door.