Intruder Alert - S.W.A.T.
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  • A guy stakes out a house and watches someone come home. When the girl is in her house, he takes his chance and grabs an ax, but another car drives up before he can go inside.
  • Luca tries to run lines with Kelly for her audition for the school play, and she blurts out that she and her mom are moving to San Diego. She doesn't want to move and asks Luca to talk to her mom. Luca promises he'll talk to her.
  • Once the girl is alone again, the guy once again takes his chance.
  • Tan's having a hard time coming up with a special anniversary gift for Bonnie. They can't go to the place where they had their first date because it was a hipster cafe they vowed to never go back to. Powell admits she married her high school sweetheart, who later cheated on her with her bridesmaid and took the TV and dog after they divorced.
  • The guy breaks into the home, and he kills the housekeeper, and the girl calls 911, trying to get to safety. Police and S.W.A.T. roll up to the scene, and 20-Squad makes entry.
  • Tan and Deacon find the girl safe but shaken. The others are still trying to locate the suspect. Hondo and Street find him, but it turns out to be 20-Squad's buddy, Sanchez, who was there for a meeting. He's blaming the suspect getting away on Hondo and the team since he nearly had him, but Hondo isn't listening to him.
  • Luca and Tan catch Powell up on Sanchez, and Tan also brings the two of them up to speed on the actress Serena, who is starring in an upcoming movie from the studio where Sanchez works security for.
  • Sanchez tells Hondo about the death threats Serena's getting, but nothing is too huge, same with the stalkers that Sanchez claims he has looked into already. Hondo still wants to look into them himself.
  • Deacon tells Hondo that the brass wants them to stick with the Serena case, so the LAPD doesn't look bad. Hondo tells him that the killer was searching for something in the house.
  • Sanchez, meanwhile, assures his boss that everything is fine and his buddies at S.W.A.T. are taking care of it and Serena.
  • Street and Luca talk about Kelly and Tuana moving to San Diego, and Luca still doesn't like it. He doesn't like change,
  • Street runs through a search on social media and finds a director who has been tagging Serena in all of his posts. He was in the army, and his ex put a restraining order on him after he made threats against her and her son. Sanchez wants to go with 20-Squad, but he's still a civilian.
  • Tan talks to Luca about anniversary ideas, trying to get original ideas, but Luca doesn't really help with a surfboard story that involves a six-week and nine-week anniversary.
  • Hondo, Tan, and Street show up at the director's apartment, and Tan finds photos of Serena. He tells them he was chatting with someone at the time of the break-in, and Hondo realizes he's not their guy.
  • Hondo tries to get Serena to come back to HQ, but Sanchez doesn't think it's a good idea since he has it covered. Serena's boyfriend, Cody, though, thinks it's a good idea. Deacon starts questioning him, and Sanchez tells Hondo that he's already grilled him. Sanchez doesn't think Serena should go to HQ, not knowing how long it'll take. Hondo gives her his card, assuring her that if she ever needs anything, to give him a call.
  • Deacon thinks the boyfriend was acting a little sketchy, but Hondo thinks it could just be nerves. They find a car down the street watching them, and Hondo realizes that the passenger looks a lot like the suspect Sanchez described. The car drives off, but when Hondo and Deacon shoot at it, it crashes into a truck.
  • When they get to the car, the passenger is gone, but they arrest the driver, who is connected with the Israeli mafia.
  • Deacon spots someone familiar on the data, Ari, who is part of the Israeli mafia, and they find out that he used to live in Serena's house, and he could be after something inside the house. He calls Sanchez and tells him, but he's still not budging to bring Serena in for safety until Deacon talks him into it.
  • Street looks through photos taken of Serena, trying to find more clues, and Powell finds a photo of Cody putting a duffel into the trunk of a car in the middle of the night. There was drug money in the walls, and with Cody doing DIY, he found it while remodeling and took it upon himself to use it.
  • Serena's having trouble getting a hold of Cody, and just as Sanchez is about to bring Serena to HQ, they're ambushed, and he and Serena are taken. They're brought to an undisclosed location, and Serena keeps saying she doesn't know about the money. She tells Ari that her boyfriend was remodeling the bathroom and he wants her to call him.
  • S.W.A.T. picks up Cody, and Deacon and Luca try to get information from him about where Serena could be. After finding out that he was supposed to drop it at a mall, they get to work on getting ready to trace it. Meanwhile, Powell finds out about Ari's partner, whose company has two warehouses in the city, which could be where Serena and Sanchez are being held.
  • 20-Squad shows up to the warehouse that Sanchez and Serena are at while Sanchez talks to Ari to keep him stalled. The team starts shooting and taking down Ari's men successfully. Serena and Sanchez are safe.
  • Hondo and Sanchez have a heart-to-heart, after all is said and done.
  • Tan is still trying to figure out what to do for his anniversary, and Street suggests a weekend in bed, though he and Chris are still in the honeymoon phase. Sanchez suggests taking Bonnie to Serena's premiere and Bonnie would be able to meet one of her favorite actors. Unfortunately, Bonnie has a big sports client she can't get away from.
  • Kelly shows up at Luca's late at night, and she's upset that he didn't talk her mom out of moving. Luca tells her that change is good, and he promises to come down and teach her how to surf.
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