Random Shooting - S.W.A.T.
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Nichelle can't stop thinking about her and Hondo meeting with her parent, and she warns Hondo that her dad is very opinionated and her mom is judgy. Hondo is still excited yet worried, even if they do have some thoughts on everything involving the baby.

A guy throws two Molotov cocktails through the window of a building and grabs a gun from his car, ready to open fire.

As Tan and Luca are working on their shooting, Tan expresses his worries about Bonnie traveling to Luca, and a cop walks through the door, introducing herself as Eva Durant. Ripping the bandaid off, she tells Luca that she's his sister.

She lost her mom, and she never knew who her father was. Before she died, she confessed she had an affair with a guy she used to work with, Luca's dad.

Luca doesn't want to hear what Eva has to say, not believing it. Tan promises to talk to Luca, and Eva tells him that it's the truth, whether he wants to believe it or not.

The team shows up at the scene and are told the shooter was in and out before they got there. He hit another place, too. Deacon thinks the suspect is prepping for the next target, and Hondo is sure they'll stop him before it's too late.

At HQ, Street looks through camera footage and puts a BOLO out on a Chevy Impala thanks to witness statements, and it was stolen the day before.

Deacon and Cabrera speak to one of the victims in the hospital, who gives them a description of a teenager no more than 19 and Hispanic. There were no threats made to the business, however.

Tan tries to talk to Luca about earlier, but Luca is saying he still doesn't believe her. His parents are old and finally settled down, he doesn't want anything to ruin it. Tan asks him to just sit down and talk to her.

Nichelle's father shows up at HQ to talk to Hondo and basically tells him that he has yet to approve of his daughter dating him. Luckily, Street interrupts them just in time with updates on the case.

Ballistics come back, confirming that different guns were used at both sites, indicating there could be more than one shooter. Luca says the BOLO just got a hit, and it's at a rough part of town. It's their best lead yet.

The team rolls up to the neighborhood, and already Cabrera is getting a bad feeling, but she lets it slide. They check out the neighborhood, but residents come out, clearly not happy they're there.

They begin to leave, and a woman starts angrily yelling at them; Cabrera admits she's her cousin. They get her in Black Betty and drive off before the angry group has a chance to make their move.

Back at HQ, Cabrera tells Tan that her cousin, Raquel, went down a bad path and almost joined a gang when she was a teenager. Her mom put it on Cabrera to help, and she turned her in. Tan thinks Raquel might have intel on the gang.

Deacon talks to Hondo about Nichelle's dad, having heard from Street, and tells Hondo to not overthink everything.

Luca and Cabrera interrogate Raquel, who isn't really willing to talk but tells them that it's not the Bravos that are behind it. Whoever is behind it, though, wanted LAPD to find it. She knows who it is, but she's not willing to be a rat.

After much hesitation, she gives up a name, Felipe, who got kicked out of the Bravos but started his own gang.

Felipe has many priors, and although they're not sure about how truthful Raquel is being, Hicks tells Luca and Street to look into it.

Elsewhere, the gang gets ready for their next target, even with the LAPD on their tails.

Deacon and Tan find former gang affiliation between businesses, and Luca, Tan, and Deacon do the process of elimination of where the next target is. Black Betty soon rolls up to the exact scene, finding the stolen vehicle and taking down a suspect.

Hicks and Deacon interrogate the suspect, but she tells them she knows nothing. She just wants to be left alone.

Luca looks up Eva's mom and tells Tan she worked with her dad. He's still not sure what to believe, not wanting it to blow up his family. Tan gives him wise advice about listening to her; she just wants a family.

Cabrera talks Hondo into letting her talk to the suspect, Talia, thinking that she can get through to her since she's from the hood. Although Talia doesn't give in at first, Cabrera tells her what it was like for her to grow up and how she's growing up.

Talia admits she was supposed to meet Felipe, and he was going to text her for a meet a location. They get the location, as well as an ID of two other suspects.

20-Squad gets to the restaurant, and a shootout occurs, and soon, they are on a foot pursuit, trying to catch the suspects before it's too late. It takes time, but Felipe is caught and taken into custody.

Cabrera apologizes to Raquel, telling her that if she had to do it all over again, she would if it meant she would get out of the gang life again. Although she doesn't specifically tell Cabrera she forgives her, her expressions tell her otherwise.

Luca meets up with Eva to apologize and asks her out to eat so they can talk and catch up. Not only does she know about his food truck, she surfs, though not at the same beach.

Hondo praises Cabrera for what she did and tells her to not completely lose focus on where she came from.

Hondo and Nichelle have their long-awaited meeting with Nichelle's parents and keep saying how much they miss the East Coast. Mrs. Carmichael says she knows a good real estate agent for when they decide to move.

The conversation goes into where Hondo and Nichelle will raise their baby and who she's with.

The two try to convince Nichelle's parents how they're going to raise their daughter, and Hondo brings up pride, ultimately ending the conversation and dinner.


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You gotta ask yourself — what's worse? Keeping things status quo for Nichelle and your future kid, or confronting her parents head-on and spoiling everything because your pride can't take it?


I want this sick bastard stopped.