Flash Mob - S.W.A.T.
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  • It's Nichelle's first day on the job, trying to be super prepared for the agenda of the day. Hondo tells her she'll do great.
  • Hicks shows Luca and Deacon news footage of a flash-mob robbery at an electronics store. Social media accounts are responsible for spreading the word because it's 2022.
  • 20-Squad arrives at the next target, a department store, and the team moves in. Powell, though, defies Street's orders of staying with him and goes off on her own. Though she does successfully get the guy.
  • One of the robbers takes someone hostage, and it's revealed that he's a bodyguard for the hostage.
  • 14 shoplifters are in custody, and a store employee is dead. The guy, Purdue, who was part of the robbery, his dad is a big real estate guy.
  • Deacon admits to Hicks that the fatal shot for the employee could have been his, so Hicks benches him until it's sorted out. But if it's true, it's not going to look good since it would be an unarmed black female shot by a white male cop.
  • Powell finds hate letters from environmental activists and other groups, and the team gets an ID on one of the gunmen, Gregory White.
  • Although the security cameras were down, they decide to go through witnesses' phones and see if they can get anything.
  • Street talks to Hondo about Powell and wants him to talk to her. She sees the potential she has. Hondo tells Street to do it, and if she still doesn't listen, he's bouncing her.
  • Ballistics came back on the bullet that killed the employee, Latoya Turner, and Hicks tells him it didn't match. Deacon vows to get the other gunmen.
  • While looking through the footage, Latoya is seen talking to someone on the phone who isn't at the store, and the team figures there's still one other person the gunmen are looking for.
  • Nichelle visits HQ to talk to Luca about the Good Neighbor Program and how they're ending it. She says the initiative is a waste of resources since a lot of cops use it to find a good place to live.
  • Tan tells Deacon the number Latoya called belonged to a burner activated just three days ago. And Latoya activated it herself.
  • After doing some research, Deacon found out that Latoya's sister is a property manager, and there was one vacant unit. Deacon, Tan, and Powell get to the building, and they find a runner. They stop her, and she's the person the gunmen are looking for. But unfortunately, her brother wasn't so lucky as he was kidnapped.
  • The lady, Grace, was promised better work at the factory, and she tells Deacon and Tan that guards watch them all the time. She's afraid for her brother.
  • The guards are in the wind, as are the workers, but Deacon is determined to save them.
  • Street talks to Powell about what happened. Powell admits she worked search and rescue in the sheriff's department, and her partner had followed procedure once, and he got a spinal cord injury. Street warns her to follow the rules.
  • Nichelle tries to get the program to stay, but of course, her being Hondo's girlfriend was brought up.
  • Tan and Luca meet a guy from Tan's VICE days to try to get information on some whereabouts, and they find out that one of them is a designer.
  • Street and Deacon find Vivian Tremblay, but she drops her phone in the toilet before they have a chance to take it.
  • With the burner switched off, Luca figures it's the sweatshop owner, so they have to find a way to get to the workers.
  • After some reluctance, Vivian tells Hondo she will tell him what he wants, but she wants a deal in writing. Deacon doesn't like the plan.
  • They get the name of the owner, William Chen. After doing the process of elimination, Street and Tan figure that he's hiding the workers at a storage unit registered to Chen.
  • The team starts taking down suspects and saving the workers. There's still one more worker unaccounted for, and Hondo soon has eyes on Chen and the worker.
  • Without any warning, Deacon immediately takes down Chen, telling him it's over.
  • Deacon doesn't like that Vivian basically gets to walk free.
  • Nichelle tells Hondo she's turning in her letter of resignation, but thanks to some good advice from Hondo, she rethinks her decision.
  • She catches up with Theo and agrees with him about the Good Neighbor Program but notes that they shouldn't cancel it. She wants to reform it, and the Inspector General liked the idea, as does Theo.
  • Street tells Hondo he thinks he got through to her and tells him what she said. It may take a while, but Street believes in Powell.
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S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

I don't want me or 20-Squad around when that luck runs out.


I'm gonna get these guys, and get Latoya Turner some justice.