Located an Abducted Boy - S.W.A.T.
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Nichelle brings a package over to Hondo from his mom, and the two think it's just another gift for the baby. It's a christening dress that has been in the family for a while. Nichelle isn't on board with the baptism as she's not too religious.

The team rolls up to a homeless shelter, and a mother barricades herself in the building and taking people hostage, believing they're responsible for her son going missing. The mom, Abby, is trying to get information on his son, Micah, and Deacon uses a flashbang to save the hostages. Hiding, Abby tells Hondo she wants to find her son.

Hondo tries to get information from her and talk her down. She puts the gun down and gives in, not caring what happens to her since all she wants is Micah safe. Outside, Street and Tan show Deacon and Hondo a video of Micah getting taken by a janitor at the shelter.

Luca and Powell find information on the janitor, Liam, who has just got released from prison after five years for assaulting a cop. They're still having trouble figuring out a motive.

Deacon and Street interrogate Abby, who is worried out of her mind for her boy. She explains she works at a gas station and took her son to the shelter since she worked a graveyard shift. Street asks how long she's been sober for, wondering how Micah wasn't taken away from her. Deacon switches the subject before Street gets too heated and shows her the security footage.

After the interrogation, Deacon confronts Street about his tactics, and from the way he's acting, blaming the mom and the drugs, this is more than just how Abby is acting. Deacon tells Hondo he'll keep an eye on him.

Hondo tells Deacon about his argument with Nichelle, and Deacon wonders why he wants to baptize his child. Although he hasn't kept up with his Christianity lately, Hondo admits he's looking at things differently now that he's becoming a father.

Luca, Powell, and Tan find motels that take vouchers from the shelter and figure that one of those could be where Liam is hiding the kid. They bring a manager in for questioning, and he identifies Micah and Liam. The manager says that they acted like father and son; Micah wasn't afraid, only when two shooters went after them.

Hicks, Tan, and Deacon look at the security footage, and it's discovered the shooters are after Micah, not Liam, who was protecting him.

Hondo brings in a detective, Ramona Queen, from Palmdale, who says the shooters are from a gang they've been after for a while. They don't know why, but they just question where Liam could take Micah to protect him.

Deacon and Street question Abby again, wondering if she owes anyone money. Street starts to get aggressive, but Deacon keeps it cool, showing her the motel video. Abby swears she's never seen those people in her life. She says she is doing everything she can to give Micah a better life, but Street doesn't believe her. Deacon demands he takes a walk and finishes questioning Abby, who tells him that he would skate in an alley next to the shelter.

Deacon talks to Street, trying to calm him down, and ends up benching him from the case, and Tan isn't too upset about that, knowing how he can get about his mom.

It's found out that Liam's son was killed, and he was blamed for it. Hicks calls cops to Liam's ex-wife's in Pasadena, thinking Liam might show up there. Liam, meanwhile, breaks into a car and hotwires it. Micah doesn't want anything bad to happen.

The team goes through the information that they have and get details on a homicide from the previous night that matches the shell casings at the motel. It's discovered that it's likely Micah snuck out of the shelter and witnessed the murder.

Hondo and Deacon show up at Liam's ex-wife's hospital room after getting attacked, and she admits Micah looks a lot like their late son. Liam had said there were bad people after the boy and thought it would be safe there, but soon the biker gang showed up and started shooting.

Luca talks to Powell about the ex-wife, wondering how the bikers got to the house so quickly, thinking it could be someone on the inside with connections. Powell has someone in Palmdale who could be of use.

Hicks and Tan question Abby again about Micah's hiding place. She says there's a cave at Griffith Park she would take him to if there were no rooms sat the motel. She begs them to find him.

Liam and Micah are on the way to the cave, but Liam collapses, and after getting a call from her guy from Palmdale, it's discovered Quinn is the inside man, and Tan's alone with her. They find Liam and Micah, and a shootout commences.

The rest of the team gets to Griffith Park and hear gunshots, immediately moving. Micah takes Tan to his hiding spot. Soon, Quinn's down, and Tan and Micah are safe, but Liam's dead.

Back at HQ, Abby and Micah are reunited, and Street admits Deacon was right.

Hondo talks to Nichelle about the baptism, and he tells him about the case with Micah. He admits he's scared about bringing a child into the world knowing the things he's seen. Nichelle agrees on the condition she picks the church.

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