Remembering a Loved One - Sweet Magnolias
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The Magnolias wonder how Helen is handling having Ryan back.

Erik visits Issac, who tells him that Bill is his birth father, and he hates it.

Maddie wants to learn more about Cal's past. He admitted he was angry after the accident, and Jodi got him help.

Helen and Ryan go over Ms. Frances's favorite poems. Ryan regrets letting Helen get away from him. Helen breaks down and throws stuff.

Noreen visits Collins.

Kyle invites Nellie n a date.

Ty and Ronnie chat about adapting to your dreams.

Mary Vaughn forbids her kids to see Annie or Kyle.

Dana Sue redid Ronnie's old truck and invited him home.,

Bill tells Maddie he is Issac's dad. She's furious that he keeps wrecking people's lives.

The school board fired Cal because of his assault years ago.

Annie is unsure about her parents reuniting.

Maddie comforts Issac at the memorial. Issac joins Noreen and the baby at Collins. Maddie tells Peggy she is strong.

Maddie is angry she didn't know about Cal assaulting someone. She can't handle surprises.

Bill wants Ty to get a better therapist, but Ty is ready to move from baseball. Annie and Kyle hug him for telling Bill the truth.

Some lady comes up to Annie and disses Dana Sue. Ms. Frances left Dana Sue a check.

Kyle and Nellie and Annie and Jackson met up elsewhere and kissed.

An avid fan came to Sullivan's and harassed Cal. A fight broke out, and Cal was arrested.

They tried to call Helen, but Ryan was proposing to her.

Sweet Magnolias
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Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

I ran out of time with her. I don't want to run out of time with you.


Come home, Ronnie.

Dana Sue