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On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 7, Bay tries to talk to Emmett about what happened to her, but he doesn't want to hear it. Instead he wants to talk about the apartments they could possibly rent when she comes out to LA to be with him in a few months. Bay plays along even though she feels bad about not talking about the elephant in the room. She goes to talk to John and he tells her she needs to talk to Emmett and get everything out in the opened because Emmett cares about her and he loves her. Plus he deserves to make his own decision about what happened. When Bay again tries to bring up what happened to her Emmett stops her and tells her he is planning on leaving school for the rest of the semester and go back next semester when she can go with it. Bay finally forces him to listen to what she has to say and when he gets angry and tries to point fingers, Bay tells him there isn't a bad or good person in this situation. With that information Emmett gets angry and leaves Bay.

At the coffee shop, Regina and Daphne are forced to stay there due to the thunderstorm. While at the shop Nacho shows up to install WiFi and when Daphne gets him alone she tells him about what Bay did for her and that he no longer has a warrant out for his arrest. At first Daphne is sure she can trust Nacho, but she realizes when he blackmails Regina she made the wrong decision. Regina tries to get the money from Eric by making up a bogus story, but Eric sees through it and he confronts Nacho. When Eric shows Nacho his gang tattoo, Nacho backs off and leaves the shop.

Kathryn's mom Bonnie makes a visit to the house along with her friend Lucille. While at the house Bonnie tells Kathryn about her being recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Kathryn at first doesn't want to believe the truth and tries to get her mother to move in with them, but Bonnie convinces her everything is OK and she has Lucille with her to help. In the end Kathryn accepts the decisions her mother makes.

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