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On the Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 10 spring finale, Bay surprised Emmett in Los Angeles on his film set. Emmett was shocked to see Bay, but seem to accept the fact she had shown up. Emmett doesn't want her to stick around to see the ending of his film so he sends her to his place so she can get some rest. Back at his room, Emmett shows up and Bay gives him a present; a director's chair. Bay offers to come down for the night shoot, but Emmett suggests she go check out some of the sights of California and he leaves to go finish filming. While Bay is talking to someone on the phone she tries to find a pen and comes across Emmett's screenplay and finds a shocking finale to his film. It turns out he used what happened between Bay and Tank in his film and Bay is furious. Bay goes to see Emmett and tells him she is violated by what he is doing and she doesn't understand why he still hasn't gotten over what happened between her and Tank. Emmett tries to reason with her, but they both realize this is the end of their relationship. Emmett tells her maybe they can get together after he gets out of school, but Bay tells him if he is done with the relationship now, it is done for good. Bay and Emmett decide to break up for good and they go their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Daphne gets her final grade and is disappointed to learn she got a D. She gets support from Travis, Iris and Natalie who suggest different majors she can check out. The group decides to go out to dinner before going to a bond fire, but Daphne decides to stay behind. While Daphne is walking across campus Mingo tries to get her to join in on the fun but she wants to be alone. Mingo hears about a group of deaf kids who got ran over and finds out it was Travis and Natalie. Daphne rushes to the hospital where Travis is fine, but Natalie hasn't been provided with an interpreter. Daphne helps Natalie out and gets angry at the hospital for not providing Natalie with someone as the pain meds she was about to get would have killed her because she is allergic to them. Later, while talking to Mingo, Daphne says she isn't sure what she is going to do now. Thankfully Mingo provides her with the encouragement she needs and she decides to continue to go after her medical degree. 

Switched at Birth
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