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Delaney is awakened by soldiers from The Crown as they take Lorna. 

Lorna is taken to a jail and threatened by Coop with prison unless she sells out Delaney. 

Lorna is rescued by East India per the request of Delaney.

Lorna is released and is picked up by Brace.

Strange is incensed when he finds that the Lorna gambit didn't work.

Godfrey tells Delaney that his monopoly request was rejected by the Prince Regent, and that he is blacklisted from buying gunpowder to use as trade in his business.

Dr. Cholmondeley, a chemist, entertains a group of enthralled ladies, and is caught having sex with one by Delaney.

Delaney proposes a deal with the chemist.

Delaney discusses the ordeal with Lorna and she agrees to join in his League of the Damned.

Delaney performs a ritual and enters into Zilpha's mind, having sex with her against her will. 

Delaney meets with the chemist and proposes a deal that he make gunpowder for him. 

Delaney fights an unknown assassin and kills him.

Brace tells Delaney that he is invited to a high society party. The Americans will be there, so Delaney goes with Lorna.

Delaney and Atticus go over a plan to rob East India of bags of saltpeter, an essntial element in the making of gunpowder. 

Delaney and Lorna attend the party given by Countess Musgrove. 

Delaney sees Zilpha at the party and they have a confrontation about his ritual rape.

American spy Dumbarton tells Delaney that he can have Zilpha as part of the Nootka deal, and even offers to kill Thorne. 

Atticus and his crew break into the East India warehouse and steal bags of saltpeter.

Lorna makes her intentions about Delaney known to Zilpha. 

Countess Musgrove meets with Delaney, where he discovers that she is the American spy Carlsbad from New Orleans.

Thorne challenges Delaney to a duel to the death.






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Taboo Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Strange: We had a fucking agreement! Common cause. Fucking snakes! Who tipped you off?
Lackey: Anonymous note.
Strange: Delaney! He's turning London into his own private bear pit. And what are we? The bear? Or the dogs? Shit! And that fat pig-Prince Prinny, plays the fool so he can better play the game. I'll pop him. I swear to God I'll burst him like a pig's bladder! Get a message to Coop; tell him we withdraw our negotiators from the India talks.

Coop: My wife is a strange fish. I talk to her about my work when we sit up in bed at night. Her belief is that James Delaney is in league with Satan.
Lorna: I believe that to be true too.