Welcome, Dottie - Ted Lasso
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Ted is walking through London, talking to everyone in his way... until he stops at his mother.

She's been in London for a week but only decided now to go to his house.

Ted takes her to work and introduces her to everyone, who is interested in hearing about his past.

But Ted is anxious. His mother is telling stories with broken truths and things that didn't happen the way she said.

This sends Ted into a bit of a tailspin and he focuses his attention on the quarter finals.

Jamie is also struggling because he doesn't want to return to his old team because of how he left.

He sets out to get answers and Roy and Keeley follow him... to his mother's house. They get ready to learn more.

Jamie's mother tells him that he needs to think about himself and his progress to move forward.

At the game, he hurts his ankle but manages to pop back up with a last-minute save, sending Richmond into the final.

Roy tells Keeley he wants something more and she wonders what that means. Is it marriage?

Rebecca gets a knock on the door by Bex and Rupert's assistant and she welcomes them in.

Ted goes off on his mother about the past and forgetting everything about them, so he finds himself and her getting some therapeutic therapy out of it.

They reach a big decision and it looks like Ted is going home.

Rebecca tells Ted she has nothing to report, but Ted does...

Ted Lasso
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Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Ted: Hey, Boss.
Rebecca: Oh. Hello, Ted. Do you know this John Wooden?
Ted: No, ma'am. Never had the chance to meet him.
Rebecca: Oh, pity.
Ted: I like this.
Rebecca: Ah, I mean, if you don't like that, you don't like ice cream.
Ted: What's up?
Rebecca: Do you know what time it is?
Ted: Uh, 9:30. Or half nine as you folks say over here for some goofy-ass reason.
Rebecca: That's just to annoy Americans. Yeah. No, this is that time of year when I come down here and reveal something to you.
Ted: Oh, snap. That's right. Okay. Well, here we go. Uh, you know what? Maybe I should guess this year.
Rebecca: No, no, no, that's silly.
Ted: Yeah. No, you just go ahead and tell me. Go on, let 'er rip.
Rebecca: I've got nothing. Oh, I really tried as well. I mean, even on the walk over here, I was thinking something would pop into my head, but nope. Absolutely nothing. Sorry, Ted. No truth bomb this year.
Ted: Well, that's okay. I got one.

Nate: Don't think the cleaners actually cleaned the floor.
Jade: There are no cleaners.
Nate: So, why do we put the chairs on the tables?
Jade: The patriarchy.
Nate: Oh, okay. Oh, well. I'll just, um... Just go get a broom.