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Derek is under the Alpha's control so he goes after Jackson, who wants to be a werewolf so badly.  When confronted by Derek, Jackson quickly changes his mind in fear.  Scott shows up to save Jackson from Derek, but all three come under fire by the hunters.  Scott is shot but gets away, while Derek gives himself up to the Argents.

Kate finally gets up the nerve to let her niece in on the family secret.  She shows her the captured Derek Hale in their house.

After getting shot, Scott is saved by his old boss, the vet, who attempts to bring him back to health.

Meanwhile, the Alpha takes Scott's mom out on a date with hopes of biting her and making her part of his pack.  Scott gets Stiles to smash into the back of the Alpha's car to prevent that from happening.

Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

If they're holding me back from being a psychotic nut job like you, I'm okay with that.


When I was in high school we played basketball. Now there's a real sport.