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It was time for the formal in Beacon Hills, but Scott wasn't allowed to attend.  After getting Jackson to invite Allison, and Lydia to invite Stiles, Scott sneaks in to the dance.  Mrs. McCall gives his son the advice to tell Allison the truth, which leads to the two lovebirds rekindling their love affair.

Jackson, who spends the entire day drunk as a skunk, walks out to the woods chasing what he thinks are the red eyes of the alpha.  He declares his passion to become a werewolf, but then realizes it was the laser on the end of Chris Argent's gun.  Jackson gave up Scott's location, so Chris found him in the parking lot with Allison.  Mr. Argent attempts to smash him with the car, but Scott jumps up on the car, revealing himself as a wolf to the on looking Allison.

Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Stiles: Scott you can't protect everyone.
Scott: I have to.

There are werewolves running around in the world. Everything's a joke to me.