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Best friends Scott and Stiles go out into the woods to look for half of a dead body that Stiles heard the police was also looking for.  After Stiles gets taken away by his father the cop, Scott finds the body and is bit by a werewolf.

Scott starts to have super sense, including hearing and quickness, which he uses to hit on the new girl, and kill at lacrosse practice.  When Scott goes to sleep that night, he wakes up in the middle of the woods.

He takes the new girl, Allison, to the Friday night party.  He has to ditch her because it's also the night of the full moon, so Scott starts turning into a full wolf.

Scott runs out into the woods after Derek Hale, the man who originally bit Scott.  While fighting in the woods, the two of them hear hunters coming, and Scott gets shot by one.  Derek saves Scott from them, but the next day it is revealed that the hunter is Allison's father.




Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Stiles' Dad: So you listen to all of my phone calls?
Stiles: No...well not the boring ones.

Stiles: Two joggers found a body in the woods.
Scott: A dead body?
Stiles: No a body of water? Yes dumb ass, a dead body.