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Scott, Stiles, and Allison all have to deal with strange side effects on the 2014 premiere.

Stiles is suffering from a horrible nightmare in which he thinks he awakens in his school locker at night, and when he walks down the hall he discover the Nemeton inside one of the classrooms. Its roots grab him and he wakes up, with Lydia beside him, telling him it was like a dream within a dream, and then he realizes its yet another layer to his nightmare. Lydia begs him not to go through the door, but he does and it takes him outside, again to a Nemeton, surrounded by lights. Stiles begs himself to wake up and he does.

At school, Stiles tells Scott that he was suffering from sleep paralysis and wonders if what they did the night they saved their parents is still affecting them. He says, "I'm not even sure this is real," and awakes screaming in his bed, and Mr. Stilinski runs into Stiles room to comfort him.

Scott starts seeing his shadow in werewolf form, but not all the time.

Isaac asks Scott if he's mad at him, hates him or wants to hit him. Scott asks if he wanted to kiss her and Isaac says totally and Isaac is tossed out of the room.

Allison is suffering from some sort of hallucinations as well, and when she steps off of the elevator in her building, she enters a dilapidated morgue, and imagines it holds her aunt Kate. She opens one of the morgue drawers and the space seems never ending. After looking for a moment, Kate crawls maniacally toward her, she slams the door and runs to the hallway -- which is high school. 

Kira's father is the new history teacher, who decides to embarrass her in front of the class for not ever mentioning new friends or bringing anyone home. Scott looks at her and his smile indicates a fondness for the new student.

Scott hears Kira and her father talking about his embarrassing her and then he wolves out in the hallway at school. Kira made eye contact with Scott and knew that she had some effect on him.

Stiles tells Scott that you can tell if you're dreaming because you can't read in dreams, but more and more he can't tell if he's awake because he can't read. Scott asks if he can read now and Stiles can't read a thing.

Allison is unable to do archery any longer. When Lydia tries to help her to imagine her target by closing her eyes, when she opens them, she sees Kate running and then Lydia disappears. Seconds later it is pitch black and Kate is coming toward her like one of the freaky horror girls in The Ring, and she has shot her arrow at Lydia, but Isaac stops it before it hits her.

Mr. Stilinski is looking back at old cases with a new perspective now that he knows about the supernatural happenings that go on in his town. 

Stiles gets to class and everyone is using sign language, including coach. There is a high pitched noise and Stiles wakes up to Coach whistling. He tells Scott he's OK because he just fell asleep for a second, and Scott says he wasn't asleep. Stiles looks at his notebook and he had written WAKE UP over and over.

When the gang is talking about everything they're going through during lunch, Kira overhears and comes over to offer her two cents. She says there is a Tibetan word for it, Bardo, in between life and death. There are different progressive states and in the last one, you die.

Stiles and Scott go to Dr. Deaton to see if he can help with what the class was trying to tell Stiles with sign language. When is a door not a door. Scott says when it's ajar. There is still a small part of each of their minds left open, and Dr. Deaton says they must close them as soon as possible, but offers up no solution on how to do so.

Mr. Stilinski wants Scott's help in finding the missing girl from eight years earlier, by getting a lock on her scent so he can hopefully find out whether there is a murderer out there. The three of them visit the father, who survived the death of his wife and daughters while Scott tries to get a lock on her scent. He wasn't able to do it.

Mr. McCall is trying to get Mr. Stilinski fired. The stress gets Scott worked up enough to wolf out and Melissa tries to get him to be his own anchor since he no longer has Allison as his anchor.

Isaac and Allison are making love and when she asks if Scott is OK with it, he says Scott has moved on. She asks what's around his neck and Kate shows up behind him, choking him. Allison wakes up -- with a knife in her hand.

Scott and Stiles go hunting for the little girl's body and find the car. It has giant claw marks along the side. A little girl's baby doll is still stuck inside the wreckage of the car. They hear growling and Scott takes off in pursuit of the beast until he is face to face with a wolf that he believes is Melia. 

Peter and Derek are being electrocuted inside of a basement somewhere while strung up on a chain link fence.

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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Yeah, try not to forget we hit the reset button on a supernatural beacon for supernatural creatures. I think there's a pretty good chance that things are never going back to normal.


Well we did die and come back to life. It's got to have some side effects, right?