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The Teen Wolf premiere picks up months after events on the Season 2 finale.

The all alpha pack arrives in town.

A girl on a motorcycle saved Isaac from the some strange twin werewolves. 

When they get to the hospital motorcycle girl says she neds to get to the Alpha. Scott McCall.

Jackson is explained away as having been sent to London after learning werewolf 101.

Scott tries to get a tattoo and it heals.

A deer runs straight into Lydia's windshield.

It's the first day of school.

Melissa calls Scott to the hospital to help Isaac.

A flock of birds attacks the classroom.

Derek returns in the nick of time.

Scott wanted to get the tattoo as a reward for not calling or texting Allison despite what he wanted.

Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Scott: Can we just drive, now, please?
Stiles: No. It's a red light.

And seriously, an American werewolf in London? Like that's not going to be a disaster.