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Scott worries that he may lose his position on the lacrosse team while Stilinski investigates a murder. 

A young man is looking out into the stormy night for his cat, Willow. He calls out to his mother that he's going to bed. The house creaks and squeaks and the wind blows. Inside his room he sees bloody footprints and looks beneath the bed. He takes a light under his bed and his cat is covered in blood. Screams ring out in the house, but when he opens the door they stop. A huge man is looming in the living room with an ax. This must be a horror movie someone is watching. It's not.

The creature goes to the bathroom door where Sean is hiding. He tells Sean he has killed his entire family and he's next. He needs to wrap his fist in a towel to break the glass so he can protect himself with the glass. The voice hears the glass break and breaks into the room. Sean has run out. The man who was speaking has no mouth.

Derek is with Peter and Braeden in his loft. Peter and Braeden are talking numbers. They're hiring her to find Kate. They want her found before the Caliveras find her. They promised the last of their money to Braeden.

Peter wonders if Derek expects him to get a job since his resume is a bit out of date. He clasps Derek on the shoulder and Derek spins, growling with his golden eyes. He has no idea why they've changed, but he's willing to pay to find out.

Scott and Stiles are heading to lacrosse practice. They're discussing money problems.

Liam is fielding lacross goals and Scott and Stiles cannot believe it. Liam is told he just may be their first freshman captain.

Melissa is at the hospital when Sean comes running into the ER, covered in blood. Melissa next is in the morgue with Stilinski looking at Sean's family. Sean hasn't spoken a word since the massacre. Melissa confirms the wounds aren't caused by fangs and claws, but an ax. Stilinski wants to give the boys a day off of murder and massacres.

Kira finds a For Sale sign in the yard and tries to talk her parents into staying. Kira gets told something similar to what Melissa once told Scott. He's not your first boyfriend and he won't be your last.

Stiles asks Liam what's up and how he got every goal. He transferred in from a prep school. Stiles wants him to be supernatural, but he's just good.

Malia walks into a math class, sees formulas on the board and walks back out. The teacher calls her to the board with Lydia. She's stunned. Lydia helps her out.

Stiles has an LG phone like me!

Stiles gets a text about a family-murdering ax murderer. He wants to get into it and Scott and Kira agree to let the adults work it out. Scott asks Kira if she can wait until after tryouts to talk and kisses Kira, not realizing what he does until he's in class.

Someone is at a keyboard and pulls a bolt out of their neck, puts a pencil in and sharpens it. Or something. It's the freak without a mouth. He's sucking blood through a tube and watching the most complex formula come out on the screen.

Scott is freaking out about the kiss. Stiles decides it was chaste. Scott thought it was like kissing his grandmother. Scott suggests texting her; Stiles says stop with the texts.

Scott asks Coach if he's everything he was on the team before and learns all positions are open for everybody. Tryouts commence. Stiles cannot run with the group. Expert comic relief.

Kira tells Malia about the thing with Scott when Malia asks about her anxiety. She wants them to be more.

Scott isn't worried about Liam until his position as team captian is really threatened.

Scott doesn't want to cheat by using his wolf abilities but Stiles thinks he should. When Liam is greeted by a cheering crowd, Scott's eyes light up.

Two on ones Stiles and Scott together are better than they are apart. Until Liam. Malia screams "do over!" and puts $10 on Scott and Stiles. Stiles misses but Scott pounds him to the ground and something snaps. Coach goes crazy, tossing the ball into the stands. When Kira catches the ball before it hits Malia's face and tosses it back is when Coach decides she'll be a part of the team.

Deputy Parrish is casing Sean's house and catches Lydia inside.

Braeden turns in only half a report. The ax was a tomahawk military issue. She knows what Derek wants; the true nature of someone is in their eyes -- the color of his eyes.

Kira is spinning a lacross helmet when Scott apologizes about the kiss. He comes back and kisses her properly.

Parrish questions Lydia about her proclivity for dead bodies. He thinks she's a little late, but she looks at the wood on the door and sees faces in the grain. She puts her hand upon one and it pops open. They walk into the innards of the house, through the walls. They trail down to the basement, I think, and find bodies hanging. Parrish thinks it's a game locker, but it's not venison.

Melissa is with Sean, hoping he'll eat. He's shaking and upset. Scott and Stiles are with Liam in the hallway. Scott feels responsible for what happened, but Stiles tells him competitive nature is only human.

Kira's parents are holding an open house, but she's ripped down the signs and no one comes.

Stiles is helping Malia to study. She attacks him with kisses. He wants to study before they go back to that, lots of that. She has three highlighters helping her study. They have similar systems; what she uses in markers he used in strings last season.

Stiles takes a look at Lydia's notes because they aren't helping Malia. They aren't math.

Liam is with the doctor, angry that his ankle is broken and it's his fault. The doctor is his dad. He is supposed to play smart, not hard, even against two juniors.

Lydia calls Scott. He has to find Sean Wolcott! Melissa enters his room to find him eating the deputy. He's a wendigo. He can't help it. He's just so hungry! Scott comes up and saves his mom. Go get that son of a bitch!

Liam hears a noice and is faced with the wendigo. Shortly Sean has him on the roof.With the wendigo trying to eat him, Scott saves Liam only by turning him into a werewolf. Something pounds Sean on the back with a pickax. It's the mouthless dude. Scott took the first life of an innocent while trying to save him.

Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Peter: The table's Italian.
Braeden: So are these boots. Are we going to talk interior design and fashion, or are we gonna talk numbers?

Stiles: Scott, if you had used any wolf power, that kid wouldn't be limping. He'd be crawling back to the other half of his body.
Scott: If I hadn't been so worried about being captain, he wouldn't be hurt either.
Stiles: It's OK to want something for yourself once in a while -- team captain, alpha werewolf. It's only human.