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On Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 16, Scott's dad, Rafael McCall, is still hanging around Beacon Hills, asking Nolan questions about where the two missing weres, Jiang and Tierney, are, as well as scoping out Gerard's armory and asking Gerard why he has so many guns. Seriously, it's a lot of guns.

Mason lures Nolan away from the school to an abandoned zoo, making him think that the pack is there when in fact it's only Theo and Liam. Scott's plan is to lure the hunters away from Gerard's armory, so he can go in and destroy all of Gerard's weapons.

Once all the hunters leave, Scott and Malia head towards the armory while Lydia and Argent keep an eye out in the surveillance room. Lydia hears gunshots and shell casings, causing her to worry about Scott and Malia's safety during this mission.

Sure enough, Malia and Scott get into the armory only to find it completely empty. As they head out the door, Scott catches Jiang and Tierney's scent behind a locked door. When they open it, they set off the backup security sensors, and they are trapped inside. Motion sensors start to go off.

At the zoo, Liam struggles to control his anger. He hallucinates being attacked by his former Devenford Prep lacrosse teammates. This causes him to lose control of his anger and almost kill Nolan. Liam does his best to control himself, he even breaks his hand by punching the rock next to Nolan's head, but Theo ends up having to knock him out.

After Malia attempts an escape, she triggers the motion sensors, and the fire suppression starts, sucking all the oxygen from the room. Scott and Malia only have minutes to live. Lydia uses her banshee skills to break down the door, rescuing Scott and Malia.

At the McCall house, the pack goes over the map that Gerard had hanging in his secret room. It's a map that shows the locations of all the Nemetons in the world. Gerard doesn't want to just eradicate all the supernaturals in Beacon Hills, he wants to do it worldwide. 

Rafael comes in to warn the pack that Gerard handed out his weapons, free of charge, to the citizens of Beacon Hills. Lydia manages to warn everyone a second before people start shooting into the McCall living room. Unfortunately, someone was badly wounded.

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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Liam: You ripped my t-shirt.
Theo: And you broke my nose, twice. I healed, you broke it again. Two times!
Liam: [punches Theo] Three times!

Liam: Did it work?
Mason: Yeah, Nolan is right behind me, like literally right behind me. He's driving a bright red car. He's actually terrible at this.