Watch Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 8 Online to see what happens when Kira gets arrested for murder and to see if the pack can rescue Liam and Hayden.

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Watch Teen Wolf Season 5 Online to see what happens when Kira is taking in as the main suspect for the homicide that happened in Melissa's kitchen, or at least that's where the body was left. Kira's dad showed up at the station and proved to be the best parent in the world. He took the blame for the murder. The pack turns to Corey for help in tracking down Liam and Hayden. He was taken by the Dread Doctors at some point, and instead of waiting for him to read the book, Scott just accesses his memories through the claws to the neck trick. Liam and Hayden are being held at a water treatment plant. Now Scott, Malia, and Mason have to find them before it is too late. Meanwhile, the Sheriff and Melissa are not seeing things eye to eye. He's tired of lying and bending the rules, especially since he is a cop. Stiles lies to his dad whenever he asks about the after hours library access. Maybe it's time to let someone in on your secret, Stiles. Parrish turns up the heat at the morgue, and then uses the sprinklers to distract the the cops while he takes them out. Stiles figures out Parrish is behind the body snatching. Theo rescues Hayden and Liam and seems to enjoy all of his hero hugs. Scott and Kira have a heartfelt goodbye in the pouring rain. She thinks she needs to fix what's wrong with her away from Beacon Hills, so she won't hurt anyone else.

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On Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 8, Kira is arrested for murder, and the pack works on locating and freeing Hayden and Liam from the Dread Doctors

Rating: 4.4 / 5.0 (27 Votes)
Teen Wolf
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Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

There's no scent, no tracks, no way to find him.


We should leave here. We should leave now.