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Gretchen got married on this episode of Terriers. Hank ended up showing up at the hotel where the wedding took place because Britt needed a new shirt after someone spilled red wine on his.

But Hank resisted the urge to drink and ended up getting tangled in a scheme that involved Zeitlin, the lawyer who threatened Hank weeks ago and who seems to be in charge of buying up all the land and forging the false results that state it's unhealthy to build on.

Hank saw him in the hotel and recruited Britt's techie friends to come over and bug Zeitlin's room. They ended up getting audio and video of the attorney threatening a lawyer who was on to the land deal. Hank saved her life and then confronted Zeitlin with his evidence.

Elsewhere, Katie admitted to Britt that she was pregnant AND had the affair. Ouch. Naturally, this made him pretty angry and sad by episode's end. He told Katie he was gonna move out.

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