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Hank and Britt tried to bring in a fugitive in order to earn reward money this week. They needed the cash because the police won't release the $30,000 check Lindus cut to the pair on the season premiere, and because that rich jerk's assets have been frozen anyway.

Gustafson, meanwhile, is suspicious of the gun found in Lindus' house. He thinks it was planted, despite the denials of Hank and Britt (the latter of whom Gustafson warns about Hank always letting friends down eventually).

As for their mission, our favorite pair of investigators stumbled upon a bigger case than they initially planned, as they do track down the fugitive - and he leads them to a larger crime in which he played a role. Hank and Britt end set up the main culprit behind this thievery, bring him to justice and do end up collecting a reward for their work.

Hank uses that to officially purchase his old home from Gretchen, despite everyone around him (including his sponsor) thinking it's a terrible idea.

Britt and his girlfriend, meanwhile, trade in their dog. They end up taking home Winston instead, the bulldog of the dry cleaner who sometimes works with him and Hank.

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