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Terriers took a turn for the dark this week. Here's what went down:

- Hank took on the case of a supposedly cheating spouse because the bank vice president said he'd approve his home loan if Hank could deliver proof that his wife was cheating. But Hank followed her around and didn't see a thing. He later confronted her and found out why:

The bank VP was a rather messed up individual, getting off on his wife sleeping with other men and then telling him about it. But she loved him and never actually went through with this. In order to save her marriage and assure himself of the loan, Hank devised a plan: he took photos of this woman and Britt pretending to have sex and then showed them to the VP. The man told Hank to come in the next day and sign the loan papers.

When the woman came over to thank Hank, which followed an awkward meal between Hank, Gretchen and her fiance (who asked Hank for help because someone was using his credit cards and had his license revoked), she and Hank ended up having sex.

The next day, the VP refused Hank's loan because he found photos of Britt online and knew he was Hank's partner. Still, Hank did give the man the proof of infidelity he was after: by describing his wife's naked body and saying he "banged the shit out of her three times." When Hank left the office, the VP leaped out the window to his death. Hank responded by forging his signature on the loan documents.

- Meanwhile, Britt was approached by a man with whom he used to rob bars and houses. The man threatened to reveal damaging information to Katie unless Britt worked with him again, but Britt ended up setting his old partner up. He's likely headed back to prison.

As for that damaging information, it was this: Britt actually robbed Katie's home years ago. He saw pictures of her there and that's what prompted him to show up at the bar she worked at and actually meet her for the first time. Upon hearing this, Katie was shocked... and then turned on. She ordered Britt to leave the residence, and then break into the bedroom five minutes later. Hot!

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